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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A comparative study of features for handwritten Bangla text recognitionBhunia A.K.; Das A.; Roy P.P.; Pal U.
2009A complete system for detection and recognition of text in graphical documents using background informationRoy P.P.; Lladòs J.; Pal U.
2019A deep one-shot network for query-based logo retrievalBhunia A.K.; Bhunia A.K.; Ghose S.; Das A.; Roy P.P.; Pal U.
2019A Dempster–Shafer theory based classifier combination for online Signature recognition and verification systemsGhosh R.; Kumar P.; Roy P.P.
2018A lexicon-free approach for 3D handwriting recognition using classifier combinationKumar P.; Saini R.; Roy P.P.; Pal U.
2019A Modified LSTM Model for Continuous Sign Language Recognition Using Leap MotionMittal A.; Kumar P.; Roy P.P.; Balasubramanian R.; Chaudhuri B.B.
2017A multimodal biometric watermarking system for digital images in redundant discrete wavelet transformSingh P.; Raman B.; Roy P.P.
2014A New Method for Writer Identification Based on Histogram Symbolic RepresentationAlaei A.; Roy P.P.
2014A Novel Approach of Bangla Handwritten Text Recognition Using HMMRoy P.P.; Dey P.; Roy S.; Pal U.; Kimura F.
2019A novel feature descriptor for image retrieval by combining modified color histogram and diagonally symmetric co-occurrence texture patternBhunia A.K.; Bhattacharyya A.; Banerjee P.; Roy P.P.; Murala S.
2015A novel feature extraction approach for online Bengali and Devanagari character recognitionGhosh R.; Roy P.P.
2018A novel framework of continuous human-activity recognition using KinectSaini R.; Kumar P.; Roy P.P.; Dogra D.P.
2017A Novel framework of EEG-based user identification by analyzing music-listening behaviorKaur B.; Singh D.; Roy P.P.
2019A novel point-line duality feature for trajectory classificationSaini R.; Roy P.P.; Dogra D.P.
2018A pervasive electroencephalography-based person authentication system for cloud environmentKumar P.; Singhal A.; Saini R.; Roy P.P.; Dogra D.P.
2018A position and rotation invariant framework for sign language recognition (SLR) using KinectKumar P.; Saini R.; Roy P.P.; Dogra D.P.
2016A Simple and Efficient Arrowhead Detection Technique in Biomedical ImagesSantosh K.C.; Alam N.; Roy P.P.; Wendling L.; Antani S.; Thoma G.R.
2008A system to segment text and symbols from color mapsRoy P.P.; Vazquez E.; Lladós J.; Baldrich R.; Pal U.
2018A two phase trained Convolutional Neural Network for Handwritten Bangla Compound Character RecognitionKeserwani P.; Ali T.; Roy P.P.
2013A two-stage approach for word spotting in graphical documentsTarafdar A.; Pal U.; Roy P.P.; Ragot N.; Ramel J.-Y.