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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Implementation of a Two-Input Digitally Assisted Doherty Transmitter for Enhanced PerformanceGhosh S.; Rawat K.
2017Investigating continuous class-F power amplifier using nonlinear embedding modelAggrawal E.; Rawat K.; Roblin P.
2009Investigating effects of quadrature imperfection of vector multiplier in implementing RF/digital predistortionRawat K.; Hammi O.; Ghannouchi F.M.
2011Joint evaluation and mitigation of RF impairments and nonlinear distortion in WiMAX transceiver under Nakagami-M fading channelBhattacharjee S.; Rawat K.; Rawat M.; Wang D.; Helaoui M.; Leung H.; Ghannouchi F.
2013Joint mitigation of nonlinearity and modulator imperfections in dual-band concurrent transmitter using neural networksRawat M.; Rawat K.; Younes M.; Ghannouchi F.
2012Load-pull assisted cad design of inverted Doherty Amplifier without quarter-wave transformerRawat K.; Ghannouchi F.
2019Methodology to realize wideband high efficiency power amplifier using active harmonic injectionAsha Latha Y.M.; Rawat K.
2017Modulator design using six port microwave network at a carrier frequency of 1.9 GHzDube L.; Rawat K.; Basu A.; Koul S.K.
2019Nonlinear Characterization and Distortion Mitigation in Six-Port ModulatorPathak C.; Rawat K.
2019Nonlinear Embedding Model-Based Continuous Class E/F Power AmplifierMary Asha Latha Y.; Rawat K.; Roblin P.
2014Optimal finite bit Pi representationGowrish B.; Kiran A.B.; Bhat A.; Rawat K.
2010Practical result of wireless indoor position estimation by using hybrid TDOA/RSS algorithmTiwari S.; Darraji R.; Bassam S.A.; Kwan A.; Rawat K.; Rawat M.; Fattouche M.; Ghannouchi F.M.
2018Quadrature Modulation Using Radio Frequency Wave Correlation in Multiport NetworkPathak C.; Rawat K.
2011Recent Advances on Signal Processing Solutions for Distortion Mitigation Due to Power Amplifier and Non-Ideality of Transmitter SystemRawat M.; Rawat K.; Ghannouchi F. M.
2017Reconfigurable and Concurrent Dual-Band Doherty Power Amplifier for Multiband and Multistandard ApplicationsKalyan R.; Rawat K.; Koul S.K.
2020Reconfigurable Chireix Outphasing Power Amplifier over Multiple Frequency BandsAggrawal E.; Rawat K.
2020Reconfigurable Digital Delta-Sigma Modulation Transmitter Architecture for Concurrent Multi-Band TransmissionKumar N.; Rawat K.; Ghannouchi F.M.
2010RF Environment Behavior Modeling Based on 3-D Ray-Tracing and Neural Networks to Mitigate Multipath in Indoor Position EstimationAlfaro F. E.; Rawat M.; Darraji R.; Rawat K.; Torres V.; Falcone F.; Ghannouchi F. M.
2013Three-layered biased memory polynomial for dynamic modeling and predistortion of transmitters with memoryRawat M.; Ghannouchi F.M.; Rawat K.
2017Wideband tri-stage Doherty Power Amplifier with asymmetric current ratiosBarthwal A.; Rawat K.; Koul S.