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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Effect of speed fluctuations due to driving imperfections on road traffic noise emissionRawat K.; Katiyar V.K.; Pratibha,
2017Efficiency and Bandwidth Enhancement in Power Amplifiers for Wireless CommunicationRawat K.; Koul S.K.
2011Recent Advances on Signal Processing Solutions for Distortion Mitigation Due to Power Amplifier and Non-Ideality of Transmitter SystemRawat M.; Rawat K.; Ghannouchi F. M.
2010RF Environment Behavior Modeling Based on 3-D Ray-Tracing and Neural Networks to Mitigate Multipath in Indoor Position EstimationAlfaro F. E.; Rawat M.; Darraji R.; Rawat K.; Torres V.; Falcone F.; Ghannouchi F. M.
2013Single electron transfer-driven multi-dimensional signal read-out function of TCNQ as an "off-the-shelf" detector for cyanideAjayakumar M.R.; Mandal K.; Rawat K.; Asthana D.; Pandey, Ravindra; Sharma A.; Yadav S.; Ghosh S.; Mukhopadhyay P.
2019Swish Activation Based Deep Neural Network Predistorter for RF-PATripathi G.C.; Rawat, Meenakshi; Rawat K.