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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Gain equilization of six mode groups using trench-assisted annular core EDFAGaur A.; Rastogi V.
2019Generation of 2 μm radiation due to single-mode fibers with longitudinally varying diameterKorobko D.A.; Rastogi V.; Sysoliatin A.A.; Zolotovskii I.O.
2017Generation of giant spatially localised Gaussian wave packets in active fibres with saturable inertial nonlinearityZhuravlev V.M.; Zolotovskii I.O.; Mironov P.P.; Yavtushenko M.S.; Rastogi V.
2018Gold-aluminum-based surface plasmon resonance sensor with a high quality factor and figure of merit for the detection of hemoglobinBijalwan A.; Rastogi V.
2018High-power femtosecond pulse propagation in a tapered large-mode-area optical fiberKumar G.; Rehan M.; Rastogi V.; Korobko D.A.; Sysoliatin A.A.; Hartl I.; Carter A.L.
2015High-power single-mode trench-assisted EDFAGaur A.; Rastogi V.; Bhattacharya K.; Chakraborty R.
2020Highly nonlinear silica spiral photonic crystal fiber for supercontinuuam generation extending from 320 nm to 2620 nmAnjali; Rehan M.; Kumar G.; Rastogi V.
2010HingeInflex: A MATLAB-based method for precise selection of the hinge and the inflection points in foldsSrivastava D.C.; Rastogi V.
2010HingeInflex: A MATLAB-based method for precise selection of the hinge and the inflection points in foldsSrivastava D.C.; Rastogi V.
2003Holey optical fiber with circularly distributed holes analyzed by the radial effective-index methodRastogi V.; Chiang K.S.
2013Impact of geometry on Photonic Bandgaps for TE polarization in two dimensional Photonic Crystals with triangular latticeVinita; Kumar A.; Rastogi V.
2017Improvement of light-extraction efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes using dielectric nanoparticlesMann V.; Hooda B.; Rastogi V.
2012Inherently gain flattened S-band erbium doped fiber amplifier based on dual core resonant leaky fiberKamakshi K.; Rastogi V.
2011Large effective area all-solid dispersion compensating fiberRastogi V.; Kumar R.; Kumar A.
2013Large effective area dispersion flattened fiber for DWDM optical communication systemBabita; Rastogi V.
2008Large-core single-mode channel waveguide based on geometrically shaped leaky claddingKumar A.; Rastogi V.; Chiang K.S.
2013Large-core single-mode trench assisted leaky channel waveguide for high-power applicationsDahiya V.; Saini T.S.; Kumar A.; Rastogi V.; Sinha R.K.
2013Large-effective-area dispersion-compensating fiber design based on dual-core microstructurePrabhakar G.; Peer A.; Rastogi V.; Kumar A.
2011Large-mode-area leaky optical fiber fabricated by MCVDDussardier B.; Rastogi V.; Kumar A.; Monnom G.
2003Leakage Losses in Segmented Cladding FibersRastogi V.; Chiang K.