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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Parametric study of pedestrian speeds at midblock crossingsRastogi R.; Chandra S.; Vamsheedhar J.; Das V.R.
2011Pavement deterioration and maintenance model for low volume roadsGupta A.; Kumar P.; Rastogi R.
2016Pedestrian crossing warrants - a review of global practicesJain U.; Rastogi R.
2013Pedestrian flow characteristics for different pedestrian facilities and situationsRastogi R.; Ilango T.; Chandra S.
2019Predicting Social Well-being Using Time Perspective in Emerging AdultsDwivedi A.; Rastogi R.
2017Proactive Coping, Time Perspective and Life Satisfaction: A Study on Emerging AdulthoodDwivedi A.; Rastogi R.
2018Promoting organizational citizenship behaviour: The roles of leader-member exchange and organizational job embeddednessKapil K.; Rastogi R.
2018Psychological capital and career commitment: the mediating effect of subjective well-beingSinghal H.; Rastogi R.
2019Psychological Capital Augments Employee EngagementSoni K.; Rastogi R.
2018Psychometric evaluation of need-based quality of work life scale in an Indian sampleRastogi M.; Rangnekar S.; Rastogi R.
2018Psychometric evaluation of need-based quality of work life scale in an Indian sampleRastogi M.; Rangnekar S.; Rastogi R.
2017Re-Examination of PV 2 Criteria for Developing Pedestrian Crossing WarrantsJain U.; Rastogi R.; Ulengin F.Li K.; Boltze M.
2017Regression model for entry capacity of a roundabout under mixed traffic condition–an Indian case studyAhmad A.; Rastogi R.
2019Revision of PV2 based pedestrian crossing warrants in India using clustering techniquesJain U.; Singh M.; Rishiraj; Verma R.; Vijay R.; Rastogi R.
2012Risk analysis and pedestrian crossing behaviourChandra S.; Rastogi R.; Das V.R.
2015Segmentation analysis of domestic tourists — A case studyRastogi R.; Patil A.
2013Social and psychological factors influencing destination preferences of domestic tourists in IndiaMadhavan H.; Rastogi R.
2019Statistical analysis of exponential and polynomial models of emg & gsr biofeedback for correlation between subjects’ medications movement & medication scoresRastogi R.; Chaturvedi D.K.; Satya S.; Arora N.; Gupta M.; Singhal P.; Gulati M.
2019Testing the reciprocal relationship between quality of work life and subjective well-being: A path analysis modelAgarwal S.; Garg P.; Rastogi R.
2019The relationship between leader-member exchange, work engagement and organizational citizenship behaviourKapil K.; Rastogi R.