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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Fast marching method to study traveltime responses of three dimensional numerical models of subsurfaceKumbhakar C.; Joshi A.; Kumari P.; Deep K.; Nagar A.; Pant M.; Bansal J.C.
2020Fuzzy Multi-Objective Reliability Optimization of the Mixed Series-Parallel System Using Hybrid NSGA-IIKumar H.; Yadav, Shiv Prasad; Pant M.; Sharma T.K.; Verma O.P.; Singla R.; Sikander A.
2020Generalized Mathematical Modeling of MEE for Calculation of Steam Efficiency and Steam ConsumptionPati S.; Yadav D.; Manik, Gaurav; Singla R.; Verma O.P.; Pant M.; Sharma T.K.; Verma O.P.; Singla R.; Sikander A.
2021Gompertz PSO variants for Knapsack and Multi-Knapsack ProblemsChauhan P.; Pant M.; Deep, K.
2015How improvements in glowworm swarm optimization can solve real-life problemsSingh A.; Deep, K.; Nagar A.; Bansal J.C.; Deep K.; Pant M.; Das K.N.
2017Hybridized gravitational search algorithms with real coded genetic algorithms for integer and mixed integer optimization problemsSingh A.; Deep, K.; Bansal J.C.; Pant M.; Das K.N.; Nagar A.K.; Garg H.; Deep K.; Lal A.K.
2014Implementation of a private cloud: A case studyDeshpande P.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Peddoju, Sateesh Kumar; Deep K.; Nagar A.; Pant M.; Bansal J.C.
2016Implementation of ‘fmincon’ statistical tool in optimizing the SHG efficiency of polymeric filmsTyagi R.; Pant M.; Negi, Yuvraj Singh; Deep K.; Das K.N.; Bansal J.C.; Pant M.; Nagar A.
2009Initializing PSO with probability distributions and low-discrepancy sequences: The comparative resultsThangaraj R.; Pant M.; Deep, K.
2015Internet of things: Route search optimization applying ant colony algorithm and theory of computationBhardwaj T.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Deep K.; Das K.N.; Bansal J.C.; Nagar A.; Pant M.
2016Investigation of suitable perturbation rate scheme for spider monkey optimization algorithmGupta K.; Deep, K.; Deep K.; Das K.N.; Bansal J.C.; Pant M.; Nagar A.
2017Job scheduling algorithm in cloud environment considering the priority and cost of jobKumar M.; Dubey K.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Das K.N.; Pant M.; Deep K.; Bansal J.C.; Lal A.K.; Garg H.; Nagar A.K.
2014Landuse change prediction and its impact on surface run-off using fuzzy C-mean, markov chain and curve number methodsMondal A.; Khare, Deepak; Kundu S.; Mishra P.K.; Meena P.K.; Deep K.; Nagar A.; Pant M.; Bansal J.C.
2016Mathematical modeling of multistage evaporator system in Kraft recovery processVerma O.P.; Mohammed T.H.; Mangal S.; Manik, Gaurav; Deep K.; Das K.N.; Bansal J.C.; Pant M.; Nagar A.
2005Maximisation of expected target damage valueDeep, K.; Pant M.
2018Megh: A private cloud provisioning various IaaS and SaaSBhardwaj T.; Kumar M.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Pant M.; Rawat S.; Bandyopadhyay A.; Sharma T.K.; Ray K.
2010Mesh-free solution of two-dimensional edge crack problems under thermo-mechanical loadPant M.; Singh, Indra Vir; Mishra B.K.; Bhasin V.; Sharma K.; Khan I.A.
2020Modelling and Simulation of Reverse Osmosis System Using PSO-ANN Prediction TechniqueMahadeva R.; Manik, Gaurav; Verma O.P.; Goel A.; Kumar S.; Pant M.; Sharma T.K.; Verma O.P.; Singla R.; Sikander A.
2010Modified parallel particle swarm optimization for global optimization using message passing interfaceDeep, K.; Sharma S.; Pant M.
2012Multi task selection including part mix, tool allocation and process plans in CNC machining centers using new binary PSODeep, K.; Chauhan P.; Pant M.