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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A method for detecting JPEG anti-forensicsBhardwaj D.; Kumawat C.; Pankajakshan, Vinod; Arora C.; Rameshan R.; Dutta Roy S.
2010A multi-purpose objective quality metric for image watermarkingPankajakshan, Vinod; Autrusseau F.
2007A novel semi-fragile image watermarking, authentication and self-restoration technique using the slant transformZhao X.; Ho A.T.S.; Treharne H.; Pankajakshan, Vinod; Culnane C.; Jiang W.
2011A perceptually driven hybrid additive-multiplicative watermarking technique in the wavelet domainAutrusseau F.; David S.; Pankajakshan, Vinod; Campisi P.
2019A randomized kernel-based secret image sharing schemeTej A.R.; Raviteja R.; Pankajakshan, Vinod
2020A robust JPEG compression detector for image forensicsKumawat C.; Pankajakshan, Vinod
2010A subjective study of visibility thresholds for wavelet domain watermarkingAutrusseau F.; David S.; Pankajakshan, Vinod
2021An approach to expose dithering-based JPEG anti-forensicsBhardwaj D.; Pankajakshan, Vinod
2014Application of forgery localization in overlay text detectionHooda A.; Kathuria M.; Pankajakshan, Vinod
2019Brain tumor segmentation using discriminator lossDas J.; Patel R.; Pankajakshan, Vinod
2009Detection of motion-incoherent components in video streamsPankajakshan, Vinod; Doerr G.; Bora P.K.
2017Differentiating photographic and PRCG images using tampering localization featuresAyyalasomayajula R.S.; Pankajakshan, Vinod; Kumar S.; Raman B.; Roy [initials]P.P.; Sen D.
2020Enhancing Perceptual Loss with Adversarial Feature Matching for Super-ResolutionTej A.R.; Sukanta Halder S.; Shandeelya A.P.; Pankajakshan, Vinod
2021Forensics of decompressed JPEG color images based on chroma subsamplingKumawat C.; Pankajakshan, Vinod
2016Image Overlay Text Detection Based on JPEG Truncation Error AnalysisBhardwaj D.; Pankajakshan, Vinod
2007Improving video steganalysis using temporal correlationPankajakshan, Vinod; Ho A.T.S.
2010Subjective and objective quality assessment of transparently encrypted JPEG2000 imagesStütz T.; Pankajakshan, Vinod; Autrusseau F.; Uhl A.; Hofbauer H.
2010Toward a simplified perceptual quality metric for watermarking applicationsCarosi M.; Pankajakshan, Vinod; Autrusseau F.
2018Tucker tensor decomposition-based tracking and Gaussian mixture model for anomaly localisation and detection in surveillance videosRatre A.; Pankajakshan, Vinod
2018Tucker visual search-based hybrid tracking model and Fractional Kohonen Self-Organizing Map for anomaly localization and detection in surveillance videosRatre A.; Pankajakshan, Vinod