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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Maximal upper asymptotic density of sets of integers with missing differences from a given setPandey R.K.
2012On lower order extremal integral sets avoiding prime pairwise sumsPandey R.K.
2017On some conjectures about arithmetic partial differential equationsPandey R.K.; Saxena R.
2019On some direct and inverse results concerning sums of dilatesBhanja J.; Chaudhary S.; Pandey R.K.
2013On some magnified Fibonacci numbers modulo a Lucas numberPandey R.K.
2011On the density of integral sets with missing differences from sets related to arithmetic progressionsPandey R.K.; Tripathi A.
2015Subsequence sums: Direct and inverse problemsMistri R.K.; Pandey R.K.; Praksh O.