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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A generalization of sumset and its applicationsMistri R.K.; Pandey R.K.; Prakash O.
2014A generalization of sumsets of set of integersMistri R.K.; Pandey R.K.
2011A note on a problem of Motzkin regarding density of integral sets with missing differencesPandey R.K.; Tripathi A.
2015A note on the density of M-sets in geometric sequencePandey R.K.; Tripathi A.
2014A note on the equivalence of Motzkin's maximal density and Ruzsa's measures of intersectivityPandey R.K.
2009A Note on the Lonely Runner ConjecturePandey R.K.
2004Analysis of the effect of body shape on annubar factor using CFDSeshadri V.; Gandhi B.K.; Singh S.N.; Pandey R.K.
2019Direct and inverse theorems on signed sumsets of integersBhanja J.; Pandey R.K.
2020Experimental evaluation of ball bearing performance using nanoflake-blended greasesBhardwaj V.; Pandey R.K.; Agarwal V.K.
2020Experimental study and Shannon entropy analysis of pressure fluctuations and flow mode transition in fluidized dense phase pneumatic conveying of fly ashAlkassar Y.; Agarwal V.K.; Pandey R.K.; Behera N.
2015Maximal upper asymptotic density of sets of integers with missing differences from a given setPandey R.K.
2012On lower order extremal integral sets avoiding prime pairwise sumsPandey R.K.
2017On some conjectures about arithmetic partial differential equationsPandey R.K.; Saxena R.
2019On some direct and inverse results concerning sums of dilatesBhanja J.; Chaudhary S.; Pandey R.K.
2013On some magnified Fibonacci numbers modulo a Lucas numberPandey R.K.
2011On the density of integral sets with missing differences from sets related to arithmetic progressionsPandey R.K.; Tripathi A.
2015Subsequence sums: Direct and inverse problemsMistri R.K.; Pandey R.K.; Praksh O.