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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A complex network theory based approach to better understand the infiltration-excess runoff generation thresholdsNanda A.; Sen, Sumit
2005Flux vacua statistics for two-parameter Calabi-Yau'sMisra, Aalok; Nanda A.
2019How spatiotemporal variation of soil moisture can explain hydrological connectivity of infiltration-excess dominated hillslope: Observations from lesser Himalayan landscapeNanda A.; Sen, Sumit; McNamara J.P.
2020Soil temperature dynamics at hillslope scale-field observation and machine learning-based approachNanda A.; Sen, Sumit; Sharma A.N.; Sudheer K.P.
2018Understanding plot-scale hydrology of Lesser Himalayan watershed—A field study and HYDRUS-2D modelling approachNanda A.; Sen, Sumit; Jirwan V.; Sharma A.; Kumar V.