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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Identification of Flood and Drought Years over the Northeast Indian Region Using Normalized IndexKumre S.K.; Mishra S.K.; Pandey A.; Dayal D.; Amrit K.; Ahmad S.; Murray R.
2009Identification of sediment source and sink areas in a Himalayan watershed using GIS and remote sensingJain M.K.; Mishra S.K.; Shah R.B.
2012Improved cn-based long-term hydrologic simulation modelJain K.M.; Durbude D.G.; Mishra S.K.
2012Improved scs-cn-inspired modelSuresh Babu P.; Mishra S.K.
2012Improved storm duration and antecedent moisture condition coupled scs-cn concept-based modelSahu R.K.; Mishra S.K.; Eldho T.I.
2018Inclusion removal study in multistrand tundish with turbostoperMishra S.K.; Jha P.K.
2015Infrared SPR sensitivity enhancement using ITO/TiO2/silicon overlaysMishra A.K.; Mishra S.K.
2002Investigation of the meander plan-form development in a laboratory channelYilmaz L.; Singh V.P.; Mishra S.K.; Adrian D.D.; Sansalone J.J.
2005Investigation of the SCS-CN-inspired general Mishra-Singh modelMishra S.K.; Jain M.K.; Hawkins R.H.; Singh V.P.
2004Long term hydrologic simulation using Soil Conservation Service Curve number techniqueMishra S.K.
2013Long-term changes of irrigation water requirement in the context of climatic variabilityChakraborty S.; Mishra S.K.; Pandey R.P.; Chaube U.C.
2011Long-term hydrologic simulation using SCS-CN-based improved soil moisture accounting procedureDurbude D.G.; Jain M.K.; Mishra S.K.
2005Long-term hydrologic simulation using storage and source area conceptsMishra S.K.; Geetha K.; Rastogi A.K.; Pandey R.P.
2004Long-term hydrological simulation based on the Soil Conservation Service curve numberMishra S.K.; Singh V.P.
2017MgF2 prism/Rhodium/Graphene: efficient refractive index sensing structure in optical domainMishra A.K.; Mishra S.K.
2017Modelling spatiotemporal land dynamics for a trans-boundary river basin using integrated Cellular Automata and Markov Chain approachPalmate S.S; Pandey A.; Mishra S.K.
2007Modifications to SCS-CN method for long-term hydrologic simulationGeetha K.; Mishra S.K.; Eldho T.I.; Rastogi A.K.; Pandey R.P.
2008Morphometric analysis of drainage basin using GIS approachSharma S.K.; Tignath S.; Mishra S.K.
2011Numerical investigation of the effect of transitory strand opening on mixing in a multistrand tundishMishra S.K.; Jha P.K.; Sharma S.C.; Ajmani S.K.
2007On the efficacy of Jabalpur water supply systemsTignath S.; Jha Medha J; Mishra S.K.; Chaube U.C.; Awasthi A.K.