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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Effect of alcoholic extract of Entada pursaetha DC on monosodium iodoacetate-induced osteoarthritis pain in ratsKumari R.R.; More A.S.; Gupta G.; Lingaraju M.C.; Balaganur V.; Kumar P.; Kumar D.; Sharma A.K.; Mishra S.K.; Tandan S.K.
2012Effect of blockage of outlet nozzle on fluid flow and heat transfer in continuously cast multistrand billet caster tundishMishra S.K.; Jha, Pradeep Kumar; Sharma, Satish Chandra; Ajmani S.K.
2013Effects of Seasonal/Monthly Variation on Runoff Curve Number for Selected Watersheds of Narmada Basin.Gajbhiye S.; Mishra S.K.; Pandey Ashish
2017Empirical evaluation of Soil Conservation Service Curve Number inspired sediment yield model.Lal M.; Mishra S.K.; PandeyA.
2014Enhanced detection accuracy and figure of merit of surface plasmon resonance based fiber optic sensor for blood-glucose sensingMishra, Akhilesh Kumar; Mishra S.K.; Eisenstein G.; Gupta B.D.
2009Estimation of direct runoff hydrograph using two parameters inverse gamma distribution function employing Horton ratiosRawat S.S.; Singh P.K.; Mishra S.K.
2002Experimental study of the bed shear stress and sediment transport in a meandering laboratory channel,’Yilmaz L.; Singh V.P.; Mishra S.K.; Adrian D.D.; Sansalone J.J.
2013Experimental verification of the effect of slope on runoff and curve numbersChaudhary Anubhav; Mishra S.K.; Pandey Ashish
2014Experimental verification of the effect of slope, soil, and AMC of a fallow land on runoff and curve numberJha R.K.; Mishra S.K.; Pandey Ashish
2012Feasibility of solar energy in disinfection of water source for an Indian village- A case studyNarain Satya; Abede A.K.; Chaube U.C.; Mishra S.K.
1996Field investigations for paleoflood studies in River NarmadaMishra S.K.; Nachiappan Rm. P.
2019Flood forecasting and inundation mapping of a river basin in South-East AsiaPani R.K.; Mishra S.K.; Singh R.D.
2012Fluid flow and inclusion removalin multi-strand tundish with nozzleblockageJha, Pradeep Kumar; Mishra S.K.; Sharma, Satish Chandra; Ajmani S.K.; Mahapatra M.M.
2016Gas sensing in Kretschmann configuration utilizing bi-metallic layer of Rhodium-Silver in visible regionMishra, Akhilesh Kumar; Mishra S.K.
2015Gas-Clad Two-Way Fiber Optic SPR Sensor: a Novel Approach for Refractive Index SensingMishra, Akhilesh Kumar; Mishra S.K.; Gupta B.D.
2011Genetic Algorithm in SCS-CN methodBabu Suresh; Mohammed Mortazavi P.; Venugopal K.S.N.; Mishra S.K.
2020Genome-wide identification, phylogeny and expression analysis of HSF gene family in barley during abiotic stress response and reproductive developmentMishra S.K.; Poonia A.K.; Chaudhary R.; Baranwal V.K.; Arora D.; Kumar R.; Chauhan, Harsh
2018Giant infrared sensitivity of surface plasmon resonance-based refractive index sensorMishra A.K.; Mishra S.K.
2009GIUH-based probability models for SUH derivation from ungauged catchments using SRTM data and ILWISSingh P.K.; Mishra S.K.; Gaur M.L.; Rawat S.S.
2016Graphene and beyond Graphene MoS2: A New Window in Surface-Plasmon-Resonance-Based Fiber Optic SensingMishra, Akhilesh Kumar; Mishra S.K.; Verma R.K.