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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Low temperature synthesis of embedded AgInSe2 nano-crystallites in an amorphous matrixPanda R.; Singh U.P.; Naik R.; Mishra N.C.; Tripathy S.K.; Bose S.M.; Hota M.
2015Modification of the microstructure and electronic properties of rutile TiO2 thin films with 79 MeV Br ion irradiationRath H.; Dash P.; Singh U.P.; Avasthi D.K.; Kanjilal D.; Mishra N.C.
2016Optical studies of cobalt implanted rutile TiO 2 (110) surfacesJoshi S.R.; Padmanabhan B.; Chanda A.; Mishra I.; Malik, Vivek K.; Mishra N.C.; Kanjilal D.; Varma S.
2014Optimization of selenization and sintering conditions of DC magnetron sputtered Ag/In/Ag/In multi-layer metal precursor for Preparation of AgInSe2 thin filmsPanda R.; Panda M.; Rath H.; Dash P.; Naik R.; Singh U.P.; Mishra N.C.
2008Phase Transformation of TiO2 from Anatase to Rutile by Thermal Annealing and Swift Heavy Ion IrradiationRath H.; Anand S.; Mohapatra M.; Dash P.; Som T.; Singh U.P.; Mishra N.C.; Kanjilal D.; Avasthi D.K.; Behera S.N.; Roul B.K.; Bose S.M.
2019Structural and morphological modifications of AgInSe 2 and Ag 2 Se composite thin films on 140 MeV Ni ion irradiationPanda R.; Panda M.; Rath H.; Dash B.N.; Asokan K.; Singh U.P.; Naik R.; Mishra N.C.
2009Structural evolution of TiO2 nanocrystalline thin films by thermal annealing and swift heavy ion irradiationRath H.; Dash P.; Som T.; Satyam P.V.; Singh U.P.; Kulriya P.K.; Kanjilal D.; Avasthi D.K.; Mishra N.C.
2011Surface evolution of titanium oxide thin film with swift heavy ion irradiationRath H.; Dash P.; Som T.; Prakash J.; Tripathi A.; Avasthi D.K.; Singh U.P.; Mishra N.C.