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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Development of 42-GHz, 200-kW gyrotron for indian tokamak system tested in the regime of short pulselengthBera A.; Singh N.K.; Kumar N.; Rathi D.; Satynaryana K.; Singh U.; Kulkarni S.V.; Mishra A.K.; Vishant; Khatun H.; Alaria M.K.; Varia A.; Parmar K.; Kadia B.; Srinivas Y.S.S.; Kevadia M.; Ranjan O.; Pareek N.; Babu R.; Das S.; Jain P.K.; Sinha A.K.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata; Joshi S.
2010Diversity employment into target plus clutter SAR imaging using MIMO configurationIthapu V.K.; Mishra A.K.; Panigrahi, Rajib Kumar
2021Diversity of algal species present in waste stabilisation ponds and different factors affecting its enrichment and phototaxisDahiya S.; Shilpie A.; Balasundaram G.; Chowdhury, Raja; Kumar P.; Mishra A.K.
2017Doped single-wall carbon nanotubes in propagating surface plasmon resonance based fiber optic refractive index sensingMishra A.K.; Mishra S.K.; Verma R.K.
2014Effect of apodization on PoLSAR image decompositionPanigrahi, Rajib Kumar; Mishra A.K.
2017Extended four-component decomposition by using modified cross-scattering matrixMaurya H.; Panigrahi, Rajib Kumar; Mishra A.K.
2015Fuchs Sondheimer–Drude Lorentz model and Drude model in the study of SPR based optical sensors: a theoretical studySharma N.; Joy A.; Mishra A.K.; Verma R. K.
2018Giant infrared sensitivity of surface plasmon resonance-based refractive index sensorMishra A.K.; Mishra S.K.
2012Gini index-based land-cover classification using polarimetric synthetic aperture radarPanigrahi, Rajib Kumar; Mishra A.K.
2020Highly sensitive plasmonic bimetallic sensing probe for aqueous samplesMishra S.K.; Malviya K. D.; Mishra A.K.
2011Isolated converter topologies for power factor correction - A comparisonMishra A.K.; Pathak, M. K.; Das, Sharmili
2017MgF2 prism/Rhodium/Graphene: efficient refractive index sensing structure in optical domainMishra A.K.; Mishra S.K.
2017Molecular etiopathology of naturally occurring reproductive diseases in female goatsBeena V.; Pawaiya R.V.S.; Gururaj K.; Singh D.D.; Mishra A.K.; Gangwar N.K.; Gupta V.K.; Singh R.; Sharma A.K.; Karikalan M.; Kumar A.
2018Ramsey fringes in a room temperature quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifierKhanonkin I.; Mishra A.K.; Karni O.; Banyoudeh S.; Schnabel F.; Sichkovskyi V.; Mikhelashvili V.; Reithmaier J. P.; Eisenstein G.
2009Sidelobe suppression in Wigner distribution using non-linear apodizationSarkar B.; Panigrahi, Rajib Kumar; Mishra A.K.
2015Time scale dependent nonlinear dynamics in InAs/InP quantum dot gain media: from high-speed modulation to coherent light- matter interactionsEisenstein G.; Karni O.; Mishra A.K.; Capua A.; Gready D.; Sichkovskyi V.; Ivanov V.; Reithmaier J.
2013Unsupervised classification of scattering behaviour using hybrid-polarimetryPanigrahi, Rajib Kumar; Mishra A.K.
2018XPM-induced modulation instability in silicon-on-insulator nano-waveguides and the impact of nonlinear lossesChaturvedi D.; Kumar A.; Mishra A.K.