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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Air – water flow through a single serpentine mini channel – flow distribution and pressure dropMalhotra S.; Deshpande A.; Ghosh, Sumana
2011Analysis of pole placement problem in control systems using state derivative feedbackMalviya S.; Hote, Yogesh Vijay; Kishan P.K.V.; Malhotra S.
2018Effect of Gas Diffusion Layer Surface Wettability Gradient on Water Behavior in a Serpentine Gas Flow Channel of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel CellMalhotra S.; Ghosh, Sumana
2019Effects of channel diameter on flow pattern and pressure drop for air–water flow in serpentine gas channels of PEM fuel cell-An Ex situ experimentMalhotra S.; Ghosh, Sumana
2020Numerical investigation of drop dynamics in presence of wettability gradient inside a serpentine channel of proton exchange membrane fuel cellMalhotra S.; Ghosh, Sumana