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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Label-free fluorescence "turn-on" detection of SO32- by gold nanoclusters: Integration in a hydrogel platform and intracellular detectionSachdev A.; Raj R.; Matai I.; Kumar V.; Gopinath P.; Mishra S.
2007Laminar convective heat transfer in chaotic configurationKumar V.; Nigam K.D.P.
2013Large-eddy simulation of a compressible free jet flow on unstructured elementsTajallipour N.; Kumar V.; Paraschivoiu M.
2014Lie group analysis, numerical and non-traveling wave solutions for the (2+1)-dimensional diffusion - Advection equation with variable coefficientsKumar V.; Gupta R.K.; Jiwari R.
2019Lipophilic 5-fluorouracil prodrug encapsulated xylan-stearic acid conjugates nanoparticles for colon cancer therapySauraj; Kumar V.; Kumar B.; Deeba F.; Bano S.; Kulshreshtha A.; Gopinath P.; Negi Y.S.
2019Local scour of armor layer processes around the circular pier in non-uniform gravel bedPandey M.; Chen S.-C.; Sharma P.K.; Ojha C.; Kumar V.
2010Low reynolds number vertical axis wind turbine for marsKumar V.; Paraschivoiu M.; Paraschivoiu I.
2019Low temperature calcination of lime sludge to develop sustainable cementitious binderVashistha P.; Singh S.K.; Dutt D.; Kumar V.
2019Magneto-hydrostatic lubrication of thrust bearings considering different configurations of recessKumar V.; Sharma S.C.
2020Mass Transfer and Rheological Characteristics in a Stirred Tank Bioreactor for Cultivation of Escherichia coli BL21Lone S.R.; Kumar V.; Seay J.R.; Englert D.L.; Hwang H.T.; Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering
2009Medical feature based evaluation of structuring elements for morphological enhancement of ultrasonic imagesShrimali V.; Anand R.S.; Kumar V.; Srivastav R.K.
2008Medical feature based qualitative evaluation of denoising techniques for ultrasound liver imagesShrimali V.; Anand R.S.; Kumar V.; Srivastav R.K.
2020Metal-free keratin modified poly(pyrrole-co-aniline)-reduced graphene oxide based nanocomposite materials: A promising cathode catalyst in microbial fuel cell applicationPattanayak P.; Pramanik N.; Papiya F.; Kumar V.; Kundu P.P.
2015MFC with vermicompost soil: Power generation with additional importance of waste managementNandy A.; Kumar V.; Khamrai M.; Kundu P.P.
2020Microbiome dysbiosis in cancer: Exploring therapeutic strategies to counter the diseaseSharma V.R.; Singh M.; Kumar V.; Yadav M.; Sehrawat N.; Sharma D.K.; Sharma A.K.
2018Microgrid control: A comprehensive surveySen S.; Kumar V.
2018Microgrid modelling: A comprehensive surveySen S.; Kumar V.
2019MILP Based Deployment of Micro-PMU in Reconfigurable Active Distribution NetworkDua G.S.; Tyagi B.; Kumar V.
2018Mixed mode crack growth in elasto-plastic-creeping solids using XFEMKumar M.; Singh I.V.; Mishra B.K.; Ahmad S.; Rao A.V.; Kumar V.
2006Mixing in curved tubesKumar V.; Aggarwal M.; Nigam K.D.P.