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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A CAD system for B-mode fatty liver ultrasound images using texture featuresSubramanya M.B.; Kumar V.; Mukherjee S.; Saini M.
2013A comparative study of computer-aided classification systems for focal hepatic lesions from B-mode ultrasoundVirmani J.; Kumar V.; Kalra N.; Khandelwal N.
2010A comparative study on spectral parameters of HRV in yogic and non-yogic practitionersSunkaria R.K.; Kumar V.; Saxena S.C.
2012A dual neural network ensemble approach for multiclass brain tumor classificationSachdeva J.; Kumar V.; Gupta I.; Khandelwal N.; Ahuja C.K.
2019A dual “Turn-on/Turn-off” “FRET” sensor for highly sensitive and selective detection of lead and methylene blue based on fluorescent dansyl tagged copolymer and small molecule diketopyrrolopyrroleChini M.K.; Kumar V.; Maiti B.; De P.; Satapathi S.
2013A fourth-order accurate finite-difference program for the simulation of SH-wave propagation in heterogeneous viscoelastic medium [Program kona?nih razlika ?etvrtog reda to?nosti za simulaciju rasprostiranja SH-vala u heterogenom viskoelasti?nom sredstvu]Narayan J.P.; Kumar V.
2016A Modified Theta Projection Model for Creep Behavior of Metals and AlloysKumar M.; Singh I.V.; Mishra B.K.; Ahmad S.; Venugopal Rao A.; Kumar V.
2016A nanocomposite membrane composed of incorporated nano-alumina within sulfonated PVDF-co-HFP/Nafion blend as separating barrier in a single chambered microbial fuel cellKumar V.; Kumar P.; Nandy A.; Kundu P.P.
2019A new framework based on continuum damage mechanics and XFEM for high cycle fatigue crack growth simulationsPandey V.B.; Singh I.V.; Mishra B.K.; Ahmad S.; Venugopal Rao A.; Kumar V.
2015A nonlinear criterion for triaxial strength of inherently anisotropic rocksSingh M.; Samadhiya N.K.; Kumar A.; Kumar V.; Singh B.
2020A Novel Approach for Configuration Identification of Distribution Network Utilizing μpMU DataDua G.S.; Tyagi B.; Kumar V.
2012A novel content-based active contour model for brain tumor segmentationSachdeva J.; Kumar V.; Gupta I.; Khandelwal N.; Ahuja C.K.
2020A Novel Islanding Detection Technique Based on Event Index Value for Reconfigurable MicrogridKumar P.; Kumar V.; Tyagi B.
2019A numerical study of creep crack growth in an aero-engine turbine disc using XFEMKumar M.; Pandey V.B.; Singh I.V.; Mishra B.K.; Ahmad S.; Rao A.V.; Kumar V.; Bhanu Sankara Rao K.; Sunder R.; Jayaram V.; Gopalakrishnan S.; Gopinath K.; Prasad K.
2015A numerical study of effects of ridge-weathering and ridge-shape-ratio on the ground motion characteristicsNarayan J.P.; Kumar V.
2016A package-SFERCB-"Segmentation, feature extraction, reduction and classification analysis by both SVM and ANN for brain tumors"Sachdeva J.; Kumar V.; Gupta I.; Khandelwal N.; Ahuja C.K.
1997A PC-Based Near Real-Time Ultrasonic Imaging System for Flaw CharacterizationAnand R.S.; Kumar V.
2011A rapid approach for prediction of liver cirrhosis based on first order statisticsVirmani J.; Kumar V.; Kalra N.; Khadelwal N.
2008A review on the potential applications of curved geometries in process industryVashisth S.; Kumar V.; Nigam K.D.P.
2019A Simplified and Effective GMPP Tracking Algorithm for Solar Photovoltaic SystemAgrawal S.; Tyagi B.; Kumar V.; Agarwal P.; Sharma P.