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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014High spin band structure of 3885 Sr47Kumar S.; Kumar N.; Mandal S.; Pancholi S.C.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra; Jain A.K.; Palit R.; Saha S.; Sethi J.; Naidu B.S.; Donthi R.; Joshi P.K.; Trivedi T.; Muralithar S.; Singh R.P.; Kumar R.; Dhal A.; Bhowmik R.K.
2018Human Action Recognition from Motion Trajectory using Fourier Temporal Features of Skeleton JointsKumar N.; Sukavanam, Nagarajan; Kumar V.; Sudarsan S.D.; Tomar R.
2011Image reconstruction from noisy projections under periodicity constraints using genetic algorithmKumar N.; Srivastava, Tanuja
2010Image reconstruction from projection under periodicity constraints using genetic algorithmKumar N.; Srivastava, Tanuja
2015Impact of low molecular weight phthalates in inducing reproductive malfunctions in male mice: Special emphasis on Sertoli cell functionsKumar N.; Srivastava S.; Roy, Partha
2021Influence of magnetorheological lubricant behavior on the performance annular recessed orifice compensated non-textured/textured thrust pad bearingKumar N.; Sharma, Satish Chandra
2020Influence of Pr3+ and Lu3+ co-doping on the magnetoelectric coupling response in BiFeO3 mutiferroic ceramicsKumar A.; Saini S.; Yadav, Kamlesh Kumar; Kumar N.; Kumar S.; Singh S.
2021Influence of Ultrasonic Shot Peening on Microstructure, Mechanical, and Electrochemical Behavior of 316 Stainless SteelKumar N.; Chaudhari, G. P.; Meka, Sai Ramudu
2020Intermediate structure and dipole bands in the transitional Ba 134 nucleusNeelam; Kumar S.; Devi K.R.; Kumar N.; Saha S.; Biswas S.; Singh P.; Babra F.S.; Laskar M.S.R.; Palit R.; Samanta S.; Das S.; Kumar A.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra
2018Investigation of azimuthal variation in seismic surface waves group velocity in the western part of Himalaya-Tibet indo-gangetic plains regionKumar A.; Kumar N.; Mukhopadhyay, Sagarika
2019Investigation of Low-Temperature Liquid Nitriding Conditions for 316 Stainless Steel for Improved Mechanical and Corrosion ResponseKumar N.; Chaudhari, G. P.; Meka, Sai Ramudu
2020Investigation of multiferroic behaviour at room temperature in Bi-induced orthoferrite: combined experimental and first principles studiesNaveen K.; Kumar N.; Rani S.; Mandal, Tapas Kumar; Gaur A.; Babu P.D.; Siruguri V.; Maji, Pradip K.; Kanungo S.; Paul A.K.
2019Keyframes and shot boundaries: The attributes of scene segmentation and classificationKumar N.; Sukavanam, Nagarajan; Bansal J.C.; Kim J.H.; Yadav A.; Deep K.; Yadav N.
2021La2O3 nanorods - reduced graphene oxide composite as a novel catalyst for dimethyl carbonate production via transesterification routeKumar N.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra
2018Lateral variation in crustal and mantle structure in Bay of Bengal based on surface wave dataKumar A.; Mukhopadhyay, Sagarika; Kumar N.; Baidya P.R.
2017Light-weight high-strength hollow glass microspheres and bamboo fiber based hybrid polypropylene composite: A strength analysis and morphological studyKumar N.; Mireja S.; Khandelwal V.; Arun B.; Manik, Gaurav
2015Limiting values of slenderness ratio for circular braces of concentrically braced framesKumar, P. C.Ashwin; Sahoo D.R.; Kumar N.
2020Load frequency control in a multi-area deregulated power system with BBBC-based discrete fractional order control schemeKumar N.; Tyagi, Barjeev; Kumar, Vishal Venkatesh
2019Magnetic, ferroelectric, and magnetodielectric properties of BiFeO3 ceramic co-doped with Eu and GdKumar A.; Yadav, Kamlesh Kumar; Kumar S.; Kumar N.; Mishra A.; Kumar N.; Shankar U.; Mehrotra T.; Sharma G.; Kumar R.; Adhikary G.D.
2021Magnetocapacitance based magnetoelectric coupling behavior of multiferroic BiFeO3 nanocrystals: An empirical investigationKumar N.; Singh H.; Pal S.P.; Sarraf S.; Yadav, Kamlesh Kumar; Kumar A.