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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Economical analysis of induction motor for a mine hoist load diagramKumar N.; Chelliah, Thanga Raj; Thangaraj R.; Srivastava S.P.
2013Effect of board size and promoter ownership on firm value: Some empirical findings from IndiaKumar N.; Singh, Jatinder Pal
2013Effect of graphene oxide doping on superconducting properties of bulk MgB2Sudesh; Kumar N.; Das S.; Bernhard C.; Varma, Ghanshyam Das
2019Effect of Hollow Glass Microspheres on the Morphology, Rheology and Crystallinity of Short Bamboo Fiber-Reinforced Hybrid Polypropylene CompositeGogoi R.; Kumar N.; Mireja S.; Ravindranath, Sham Sundar; Manik, Gaurav; Sinha, Shishir N.
2010Effect of La doping on structural, optical and magnetic properties of BiFeO3 deposited by laser techniqueKumar N.; Bhardwaj C.; Kaur, Davinder
2021Effect of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles on Carbon Nanotube Device CharacteristicsKumar N.; Navani, Naveen Kumar; Manhas, Sanjeev Kumar
2021Effect of solution treatment on slurry erosive wear performance of martensitic and nitrogen strengthened austenitic stainless steelKumar N.; Arora, Navneet
2017Effect of supplementary cementitious materials on rheology of different grades of self-compacting concrete made with recycled aggregatesSingh R.B.; Kumar N.; Singh, Bhupinder N..
2018Effectiveness of Phytoactive Molecules on Transcriptional Expression, Biofilm Matrix, and Cell Wall Components of Candida glabrata and Its Clinical IsolatesGupta P.; Gupta S.; Sharma M.; Kumar N.; Pruthi V.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan
2021Effects of shape and complexity of ridge topography on the comparative amplification scenario for the SH- and SV-wavesKumar N.; Narayan, Jay Prakash; Kumar V.; Tiwari V.
2019Effects of site–city interaction and polarization of the incident S-wave on the transfer function and fundamental frequency of structuresKumar N.; Narayan, Jay Prakash
2014Effects of voltage sag on Doubly fed induction machine at hyper-synchronous motoring modeKumar N.; Chelliah, Thanga Raj; Srivastava S.P.
2018Efficiency enhancement in delta-sigma modulator based transmitter using level transformationKumar N.; Rawat, Karun
2014Efficient synthesis of heterocyclic compounds derived from 2,6-dioxopiperazine derivatives and their evaluation for anti-inflammatory and anticancer activitiesKumar S.; Kumar N.; Roy, Partha; Sondhi S.M.
2013Efficient synthesis of piperazine-2,6-dione and 4-(1H-indole-2-carbonyl) piperazine-2,6-dione derivatives and their evaluation for anticancer activityKumar S.; Kumar N.; Roy, Partha; Sondhi S.M.
2021Electrophoretic Grown TiO2-Based Interdigitated Microsupercapacitor: Device Fabrication and Characterization for Flexible ElectronicsRani S.; Kumar N.; Tandon A.; Sharma, Yogesh Kumar
2013Energy conservation studies on a spinning drive motor with scalar and vector controllersPaliwal P.; Kumar N.; Chelliah, Thanga Raj
2012Energy conservation study on induction motors using MATLAB/Simulink for enhancing electric machinery coursesKumar N.; Chelliah, Thanga Raj; Srivastava S.P.
2011Enhanced magnetization and magnetoelectric coupling in hydrogen treated hexagonal YMnO3Kumar N.; Gaur A.; Varma, Ghanshyam Das
2021Enhanced magnetoelectric coupling response in hot pressed BiFeO3 and polymer composite films: Effect of magnetic field on grain boundary and grain resistanceKumar A.; Patel P.K.; Yadav, Kamlesh Kumar; Singh Y.; Kumar N.; Abdullah; Sharma G.; Singh S.