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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Radial jet induced rewetting study for heated rodKumar M.; Mukhopadhyay D.; Ghosh A.K.; Kumar R.
2007Rapid liquid phase sintered Mn doped BiFe O3 ceramics with enhanced polarization and weak magnetizationKumar M.; Yadav K.L.
2008Reconstruction of polyhedral objects by correction of images and using shape from shading approachKumar M.; Raman B.; Bhargava R.
2012Reliability analysis of computer security system based on intuitionistic fuzzy fault treeKumar M.; Yadav S.P.; Kumar S.
2019Reverification of antecedent moisture condition dependent runoff curve number formulae using experimental data of Indian watershedsLal M.; Mishra S.K.; Kumar M.
2017Review of perspective, problems, challenges, and future scenario of metal contamination in the urban environmentKumar M.; Gogoi A.; Kumari D.; Borah R.; Das P.; Mazumder P.; Tyagi V.K.
2018Robust CDA-PIDA Control Scheme for Load Frequency Control of Interconnected Power SystemsKumar M.; Hote Y.V.
2019Robust IMC-PIDA Controller Design for Load Frequency Control of a Time delayed Power SystemKumar M.; Hote Y.V.
2010S-controllability of an abstract first order semilinear control systemSukavanam N.; Kumar M.
2010Simulation of a fluidized-bed reactor for dimethyl ether synthesisKumar M.; Srivastava V.C.
2019Strongly enhanced electrocaloric effects in doped BaTiO 3 with reduced grain sizeKumar M.; Kumar A.; Kumar Y.; Dhiman S.; Shankar U.; Yadav K.L.; Sharma G.;
2020Structural and Dielectric Properties of Bi-Zn Substituted Calcium Copper Titanate (CCTO)Kumar V.; Mohammed J.; Tchouank Tekou C.T.; Mukhtar G.; Halilu N.; Adamu I.A.; Maji P.K.; Basandrai D.; Srivastava A.K.; Srivastava A.K.; Kumar M.; Thakur R.C.; Dosanjh H.S.; Kumar A.; Juglan K.C.; Singh K.; Arora M.
2013Structural, magnetic and optical properties of Bi1-xDy xFeO3 nanoparticles synthesized by sol-gel methodArora M.; Sati P.C.; Chauhan S.; Singh H.; Yadav K.L.; Chhoker S.; Kumar M.
2012Studies on apoptotic changes in combined toxicity of citrinin and endosulfan in pregnant wistar rats and their fetusesSingh N.D.; Sharma A.K.; Dwivedi P.; Telang A.G.; Kumar M.; Patil R.D.
2007Study of dielectric, magnetic, ferroelectric and magnetoelectric properties in the PbMnxTi1-xO3 system at room temperatureKumar M.; Yadav K.L.
2006Study of room temperature magnetoelectric coupling in Ti substituted bismuth ferrite systemKumar M.; Yadav K.L.
2007Synthesis of nanocrystalline xCuFe2O4-(1 - x)BiFeO3 magnetoelectric composite by chemical methodKumar M.; Yadav K.L.
2006The effect of Ti substitution on magnetoelectric coupling at room temperature in the BiFe1-xTixO3 systemKumar M.; Yadav K.L.
2012The weakest t-norm based intuitionistic fuzzy fault-tree analysis to evaluate system reliabilityKumar M.; Yadav S.P.
2009Treatment of bio-digester effluent by electrocoagulation using iron electrodesKumar M.; Ponselvan F.I.A.; Malviya J.R.; Srivastava V.C.; Mall I.D.