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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Magnetic field induced phase transition in multiferroic Bi Fe1-x Tix O3 ceramics prepared by rapid liquid phase sinteringKumar M.; Yadav K.L.
2009Magneto-optical properties of transition metal compounds XPt3 (X = V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co) and X3Pt (X = Fe, Co)Kumar M.; Nautiyal T.; Auluck S.
2007Magnetoelectric characterization of xNi0.75Co0.25Fe2O4-(1-x)BiFeO3 nanocompositesKumar M.; Yadav K.L.
2018Mixed mode crack growth in elasto-plastic-creeping solids using XFEMKumar M.; Singh I.V.; Mishra B.K.; Ahmad S.; Rao A.V.; Kumar V.
2015Modeling the performance of HIT technology for composite climatic zone of IndiaRai S.; Bora B.; Sastry O.S.; Bangar M.; Singh Y.K.; Kumar A.; Yadav K.; Kumar M.; Singh R.; Renu; Kumar A.
2016Modified 4-2 compressor using improved multiplexer for low power applicationsKumar D.; Kumar M.; Rodrigues J.J.P.C.; Siarry P.; Perez G.M.; Tomar R.; Pathan A.-S.K.; Mehta S.; Thampi S.M.; Berretti S.; Gorthi R.P.; Pathan A.-S.K.; Wu J.; Li J.; Jain V.; Rodrigues J.J.P.C.; Atiquzzaman M.; Rodrigues J.J.P.C.; Bedi P.; Kammoun M.H.
2020Multi-variable constrained non-linear optimal planning and operation problem for isolated microgrids with stochasticity in wind, solar, and load demand dataKumar M.; Tyagi B.
2017Nonlinear Fatigue Crack Growth Simulations using J-integral Decomposition and XFEMKumar M.; Bhuwal A.S.; Singh I.V.; Mishra B.K.; Ahmad S.; Rao A.V.; Kumar V.; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.
2014Numerical study on influence of cross flow on rewetting of AHWR fuel bundleKumar M.; Mukhopadhyay D.; Ghosh A.K.; Kumar R.
2007Observation of room temperature magnetoelectric coupling in a Ni substituted Pb1-x Nix TiO3 systemKumar M.; Yadav K.L.
2007Observation of room temperature magnetoelectric coupling in Pb1-x Bax (Fe0.5 Ti0.5) O3 systemKumar M.; Yadav K.L.
2019One-pot facile synthesis, crystal structure and antifungal activity of 1,2,3-triazoles bridged with amine-amide functionalitiesKaushik C.P.; Luxmi R.; Kumar M.; Singh D.; Kumar K.; Pahwa A.
2010Optical and magneto-optical properties of Fe 4-xCo x (x = 1-3)Kumar M.; Nautiyal T.; Auluck S.
2020Performance analysis of a 10 MWp utility scale grid-connected canal-top photovoltaic power plant under Indian climatic conditionsKumar M.; Chandel S.S.; Kumar A.
2017Performance assessment and degradation analysis of solar photovoltaic technologies: A reviewKumar M.; Kumar A.
2019Performance Assessment of Different Photovoltaic Technologies for Canal-Top and Reservoir Applications in Subtropical Humid ClimateKumar M.; Kumar A.
2015Performance comparison of controllers for solar PV water pumping applicationsYadav K.; Sastry O.S.; Wandhare R.; Sheth N.; Kumar M.; Bora B.; Singh R.; Renu; Kumar A.
2020Phycoremediation coupled biomethane production employing sewage wastewater: Energy balance and feasibility analysisBrar A.; Kumar M.; Singh R.P.; Vivekanand V.; Pareek N.
2018Power Estimation of Photovoltaic System using 4 and 5-parameter Solar Cell Models under Real Outdoor ConditionsKumar M.; Kumar A.
2016Radial jet induced rewetting study for heated rodKumar M.; Mukhopadhyay D.; Ghosh A.K.; Kumar R.