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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Effect of feeding graded doses of citrinin on apoptosis and oxidative stress in male Wistar rats through the F1 generationSingh N.D.; Sharma A.K.; Dwivedi P.; Leishangthem G.D.; Rahman S.; Reddy J.; Kumar M.
2014Effect of feeding graded doses of Citrinin on clinical and teratology in female Wistar ratsSingh N.D.; Sharma A.K.; Patil R.D.; Rahman S.; Leishangthem G.D.; Kumar M.
2015Effect of series resistance on degradation of isc, power output and fill factor of HIT technologySingh R.; Bora B.; Yadav K.; Sastry O.S.; Kumar M.; Kumar A.; Renu; Bangar M.; Rai S.; Kumar A.
2019Effect of Surface Tension Variation of the Working Fluid on the Performance of a Closed Loop Pulsating Heat PipeKumar M.; Kant R.; Das A.K.; Das P.K.
2007Electrical and dielectric properties of double doped BaTiO3Mohiddon M.A.; Goel P.; Yadav K.L.; Kumar M.; Yadav P.K.
2015Electrical Tuning of Optical Delay in Graphene-Based Photonic Crystal WaveguideThind J.K.; Kumar M.; Kaushik B.K.
2009Electrocoagulation studies on treatment of biodigester effluent using aluminum electrodesPonselvan F.I.A.; Kumar M.; Malviya J.R.; Srivastava V.C.; Mall I.D.
2018Energy and exergy analysis for heliostat based solar thermal power plantKumar M.; Saini R.P.
2011Evaporation in relation to CO2 concentration: Analysis of mass transfer coefficientOjha C.S.P.; Yasuda H.; Rao S.; Abd Elbasit M.A.M.; Kumar M.
2015Exact controllability of semilinear thermoelastic systems with monotone nonlinearityKumar M.; Sukavanam N.
2011Existence of the mild solutions for impulsive fractional equations with infinite delayDabas J.; Chauhan A.; Kumar M.
2018Experimental and numerical studies to estimate fatigue crack growth behavior of Ni-based super alloyKumar M.; Ahmad S.; Singh I.V.; Rao A.V.; Kumar J.; Kumar V.
2020Experimental characterization of the performance of different photovoltaic technologies on water bodiesKumar M.; Kumar A.
2019Experimental validation of performance and degradation study of canal-top photovoltaic systemKumar M.; Kumar A.
2019Fatigue crack growth simulations of plastically graded materials using XFEM and J-integral decomposition approachKumar M.; Singh I.V.; Mishra B.K.
2009First-principles calculations of electronic and optical properties of Fe3-xVxAl (x = 0-3) compoundsKumar M.; Nautiyal T.; Auluck S.
2018Flow visualization of closed loop pulsating heat pipe (CLPHP) charged with olive oil for high temperature applicationsKumar M.; Das A.K.; Das P.K. (Conference)
2009Full potential results on the magneto-optical properties of the Heuslercompounds Co2FeX (X = Al, Ga, Si and Ge)Kumar M.; Nautiyal T.; Auluck S.
2011Fuzzy system reliability analysis using different types of intuitionistic fuzzy numbersKumar M.; Yadav S.P.
2019Generation of hydrogen from sodium borohydride at low temperature using metal halides additiveSingh P.K.; Sharan I.; Kumar M.; Das T.