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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994(1R,?2R)?-?2-?Phenoxycyclohexan-?1-?ol as chiral auxiliary: Enantioselective synthesis of frontalinBasavaiah D.; Bharathi T.K.; Krishna P.R.
1995A convenient enantioselective synthesis of trans-?2-?aryloxycyclohexan-?1-?ols using pig liver acetone powder (PLAP) as biocatalystBasavaiah D.; Krishna P.R.; Bharathi T.K.
1990Convenient enantioselective hydrolysis of racemic trans-?1-?acetoxy-?2-?(aryloxy)?cyclohexanes by crude pig liver acetone powder (PLAP)Basavaiah D.; Krishna P.R.; Bharathi T.K.
1993Enantioselective synthesis using crude enzymesBasavaiah D.; Krishna P.R.
1995New cyclohexyl-?based chiral auxiliaries: enantioselective synthesis of ?-?hydroxy acidsBasavaiah D.; Krishna P.R.
1994Pig liver acetone powder (PLAP) as biocatalyst: enantioselective synthesis of trans-?2-?alkoxycyclohexan-?1-?olsBasavaiah D.; Krishna P.R.
1995Pig liver acetone powder (PLAP) mediated enantioselective synthesis of cyclic ketonesBasavaiah D.; Krishna P.R.
1995Synthesis of chiral ?-?aryl-??-?hydroxyacetic acids: substituent effects in pig liver acetone powder (PLAP) induced enantioselective hydrolysisBasavaiah D.; Krishna P.R.
1992trans-2-Phenoxycyclohexan-1-OL as New Chiral Auxiliary: Synthesis of Chiral ?-Hydroxy AcidsBasavaiah D.; Bharathi T.K.; Krishna P.R.