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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Failure Analysis of Laminated Composite Skew LaminatesKumar A.; Chakrabarti, Anupam; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.
2017Implementation of YLD-96 Plasticity Theory in Formability Analysis of Bi-axial Pre-strained Steel SheetsBasak, Shamik; Panda S.K.; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.
2017Large Deformation Studies on Combined Shell StructuresGupta, P. K.; Sahu R.R.; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.
2017Nonlinear Fatigue Crack Growth Simulations using J-integral Decomposition and XFEMKumar M.; Bhuwal A.S.; Singh, Indra Vir; Mishra, B. K.; Ahmad S.; Rao A.V.; Kumar V.; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.
2017Numerical Prediction of Indentation Behavior of Metal Matrix Composites Using XFEMShedbale A.S.; Singh, Indra Vir; Mishra, B. K.; Singh S.K.; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.
2017Plain and Reinforced Concrete Targets Subjected to Projectile ImpactIqbal, Mohammad Ashraf; Rajput A.; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.
2017Rheological Behaviour of Rock Salt under Uniaxial CompressionSingh, A.; Kumar C.; Kannan L.G.; Rao K.S.; Ayothiraman R.; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.
2017Use of Co-polymer of Styrene Butadiene Rubber-a Seismically Innovative Approach towards Energy DissipationGoyal A.; Agarwal, Pankaj; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.