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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Improved performance of cart inverted pendulum system using LQR based PID controller and ANNHanwate S.D.; Budhraja A.; Hote, Yogesh Vijay
2021Method of Detection of Initial Undershoot for Linear Time-Invariant systemsBose S.; Hote, Yogesh Vijay; Hanwate S.D.
2018Optimal PID design for Load frequency control using QRAWCP approachHanwate S.D.; Hote, Yogesh Vijay
2018Optimal-PID based on QRAWCP approach for SIMO Systems with Experimental ValidationHanwate S.D.; Bose S.; Hote, Yogesh Vijay
2019Relative Stability Analysis of Load Frequency Control with QRAWCP-PID controllerHanwate S.D.; Hote, Yogesh Vijay; Jain S.