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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Effect of end anchorage in external CFRP confinement on shear damaged RC beamsFrederick F.F.R.; Sharma U.K.; Gupta V.K.; AntoniMuljati I.Hardjito D.
2015Effect of fiber loading on flexural strength of hybrid sisal/ Hemp-HDPE compositesAggarwal L.; Sinha S.; Gupta V.K.; Ahluwalia P.K.; Singh M.; Sharma R.
2019Efflux pump inhibitors for bacterial pathogens: From bench to bedsideSharma A.; Gupta V.K.; Pathania R.
2008Electroanalytical performance of a terbium(III)-selective sensor based on a neutral ionophore in environmental and medicinal samplesGupta V.K.; Singh A.K.; Gupta B.
2020Eradication of water borne pathogens using novel green nano Ag-biocomposite of Citrus Limetta peelsDalal U.; Gupta V.K.; Reddy S.N.; Navani N.K.
2019Eradication of water borne pathogens using novel green nano Ag-biocomposite of Citrus Limetta peelsDalal U.; Gupta V.K.; Reddy S.N.; Navani N.K.
2017Influence of end anchorage on shear strengthening of reinforced concrete beams using CFRP compositesFrederick F.F.R.; Sharma U.K.; Gupta V.K.
2005Influence of relative dimensions and arrangement of buildings on wind environment around buildingsAhuja R.; Dalui S.K.; Gupta V.K.
1981Kinetics and mechanism of Ag(I)-catalysed oxidation of pentane -1,5-diol by peroxydisulphate ionSrivastava S.P.; Kumar Anil; Mittal A.K.; Gupta V.K.
1981Kinetics and mechanism of Ag+ - catalysed oxidation of hexane- 1,6-diol by peroxydisulphate ion.Srivastava S.P.; Kumar Anil; Gupta V.K.
2017Mixer design optimization with fractured surface topography of mechanical properties of polymer biocompositesAggarwal L.; Sinha S.; Bhatti M.S.; Gupta V.K.
2017Molecular etiopathology of naturally occurring reproductive diseases in female goatsBeena V.; Pawaiya R.V.S.; Gururaj K.; Singh D.D.; Mishra A.K.; Gangwar N.K.; Gupta V.K.; Singh R.; Sharma A.K.; Karikalan M.; Kumar A.
2007Neutral carriers based polymeric membrane electrodes for selective determination of mercury (II)Gupta V.K.; Singh A.K.; Al Khayat M.; Gupta B.
2001On the characterisation of the phase spectrum for strong motion synthesisShrikhande M.; Gupta V.K.
2005Operation sequencing using ant colony optimization techniqueJain P.K.; Gupta V.K.
2011Pesticides removal from waste water by activated carbon prepared from waste rubber tireGupta V.K.; Gupta B.; Rastogi A.; Agarwal S.; Nayak A.
2007Potentiometric sensor for the high throughput determination of tetramisole hydrochlorideGupta V.K.; Singh A.K.; Gupta B.
2007Potentiometric sensors enabling fast screening of the benign prostatic hyperplasia drug alfuzosin in pharmaceuticals, urine and serumGupta V.K.; Singh A.K.; Gupta B.
2007Schiff bases as cadmium(II) selective ionophores in polymeric membrane electrodesGupta V.K.; Singh A.K.; Gupta B.
1998Synthesizing ensembles of spatially correlated accelerogramsShrikhande M.; Gupta V.K.