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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Reactions of 4-isothiocyanato-4-methyl-2- pentanone with amines having functional group at position and anti-inflammatory evaluation of resulting heterocyclic compoundsSahu R.K.; Magan A.; Gupta B.; Sondhi S.M.
1996Reactions of 4-isothiocyanato-4-methyl-2-pentanone with substituted o-phenylenediamines and their kinetic studiesSondhi S.M.; Gupta B.; Sahu R.; Verma R.P.
2002Recovery of chromium and nickel from industrial wasteGupta B.; Deep A.; Tandon S.N.
2003Recovery of cobalt from secondary sector using extraction in Cyanex 923Gupta B.; Deep A.; Tandon S.N.
2003Recovery of cobalt, nickel, and copper from sea nodules by their extraction with alkylphosphinesGupta B.; Deep A.; Singh V.; Tandon S.N.
2011Recovery of pure ZnO nanoparticles from spent Zn-MnO2 alkaline batteriesDeep A.; Kumar K.; Kumar P.; Kumar P.; Sharma A.L.; Gupta B.; Bharadwaj L.M.
2013Recovery of uranium, thorium and zirconium from allanite by extraction chromatography using impregnated chromosorbGupta B.; Malik P.; Irfan Z.B.
2017Recovery of zinc and cadmium from spent batteries using Cyphos IL 102 via solvent extraction route and synthesis of Zn and Cd oxide nanoparticlesSingh R.; Mahandra H.; Gupta B.
2018Recycling of Zn-C and Ni-Cd spent batteries using Cyphos IL 104 via hydrometallurgical routeMahandra H.; Singh R.; Gupta B.
2007Schiff bases as cadmium(II) selective ionophores in polymeric membrane electrodesGupta V.K.; Singh A.K.; Gupta B.
2004Selective extractive spectrophotometric determination of cobalt using cyanex 923Gupta B.; Deep A.; Singh V.; Tandon S.N.
2008Separation and removal of arsenic from metallurgical solutions using bis(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl)dithiophosphinic acid as extractantGupta B.; Begum I Z.
2007Separations and recovery of indium and gallium using bis(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl)phosphinic acid (Cyanex 272)Gupta B.; Mudhar N.; Singh I.
2003Solvent extraction and separation of tervalent Lanthanides and Yttrium using Cyanex 923Gupta B.; Malik P.; Deep A.
2017Solvent extraction studies on cadmium and zinc using Cyphos IL 102 and recovery of zinc from zinc-plating mudSingh R.; Mahandra H.; Gupta B.
2013Speciation of heavy metals in water and sediments of an urban lake systemGupta B.; Kumar R.; Rani M.
2006Stabilization of solvent-impregnated resins (SIRs) by coating with water-soluble polymer and chemical cross-linking and its application in mercury removalGupta B.; Ismail Z.B.
2006Strontium(II)-selective electrode based on a macrocyclic tetraamideSingh A.K.; Saxena P.; Mehtab S.; Gupta B.
2014Trace metal fractionation in water and sediments of an urban river stretchKumar R.; Rani M.; Gupta H.; Gupta B.
1999Uptake and extraction chromatographic separation of mercury(II) by triisobutylphosphine sulfide (TIBPS) sorbed on silica gel and decontamination of mercury containing effluentSingh R.; Khwaja A.R.; Gupta B.; Tandon S.N.