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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Assessment of economic penetration levels of photovoltaic array area in a hybrid energy systemGupta A.; Saini R.P.; Sharma M.P.
2018Assessment of Indoor & Outdoor Black Carbon emissions in rural areas of Indo-Gangetic Plain: seasonal characteristics, source apportionment and radiative forcingArif M.; Kumar R.; Kumar R.; Zusman E.; Singh R.P.; Gupta A.
2015Biosorptive performance of Escherichia coli supported on Waste tea biomass (WTB) for removal of Cr(VI) to avoid the contamination of ground water: A comparative study between biosorption and SBB systemGupta A.; Balomajumder C.
1995Boiling heat transfer in small horizontal tube bundles at low cross-flow velocitiesGupta A.; Saini J.S.; Varma H.K.
2006Boiling heat transfer on wire-mesh-wrapped extended tube surfacesKumar R.; Gupta A.; Rohatgi N.
2016Changing climate and glacio-hydrology in Indian Himalayan Region: A reviewSingh S.; Kumar R.; Bhardwaj A.; Sam L.; Shekhar M.; Singh A.; Kumar R.; Gupta A.
2009Characterization and pool boiling heat transfer studies of nanofluidsKathiravan R.; Kumar R.; Gupta A.; Chandra R.
2017Climate modeling in India: Present status and the way forwardDash S.K.; Mishra S.K.; Sahany S.; Venugopal V.; Ashok K.; Gupta A.
2019Compact Conformal Slot Antenna for Hyperthermia ApplicationsSingh S.; Singh D.; Singh S.P.; Mohan J.; Gupta A.
2014Comparative experimental study on flow boiling heat transfer characteristics of pure and mixed refrigerantsKundu A.; Kumar R.; Gupta A.
2013Compression Molded Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene-Hydroxyapatite-Aluminum Oxide-Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Composites forHard Tissue ReplacementGupta A.; Tripathi G.; Lahiri D.; Balani K.
2008Computerized modelling of hybrid energy system - Part I: Problem formulation and model developmentGupta A.; Saini R.P.; Sharma M.P.
2008Computerized modelling of hybrid energy system - Part II: Combined dispatch strategies and solution algorithmGupta A.; Saini R.P.; Sharma M.P.
2008Computerized modelling of hybrid energy system - Part III: Case study with simulation resultsGupta A.; Saini R.P.; Sharma M.P.
2014Condensation of R-134a inside a helically coiled tube-in-shell heat exchangerGupta A.; Kumar R.; Gupta A.
2005Condensation of R-134a vapour over single horizontal integral-fin tubes: Effect of fin heightKumar R.; Gupta A.; Vishvakarma S.
2015Configuration selection of reconfigurable manufacturing system based on performanceGupta A.; Jain P.K.; Kumar D.
2018Conservative management of Oral Submucous Fibrosis in early and intermediate stageRai S.; Rattan V.; Gupta A.; Kumar P.
2015Critical pavement response analysis of low-volume pavements considering nonlinear behavior of materialsGupta A.; Kumar P.; Rastogi R.
2014Critical review of flexible pavement performance modelsGupta A.; Kumar P.; Rastogi R.