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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Improving real time flood forecasting using fuzzy inference systemLohani A.K.; Goel N.K.; Bhatia K.K.S.
2012Investigation of non-stationarity in hydro-climatic variables at Rift Valley lakes basin of EthiopiaWagesho N.; Goel N.K.; Jain M.K.
2003L-moment based flood frequency modellingJaiswal R.K.; Goel N.K.; Singh P.; Thomas T.
2010Limitation of 90 m SRTM DEM in drainage network delineation using D8 method-a case study in flat terrain of BangladeshRahman M.M.; Arya D.S.; Goel N.K.
1998Multivariate modeling of flood flowsGoel N.K.; Seth S.M.; Chandra S.
1998Performance evaluation of flood quantile estimators on flood like wakeby parentsGoel N.K.; Banerjee S.
2010Performance investigation of nakagami-m distribution to derive flood hydrograph by genetic algorithm optimization approachSarkar S.; Goel N.K.; Mathur B.S.
1998Probabilistic modelling of flood characteristics of a large elongated basinGoel N.K.; Seth S.M.
2015Rain gauge network design for flood forecasting using multi-criteria decision analysis and clustering techniques in lower Mahanadi river basin, IndiaKar A.K.; Lohani A.K.; Goel N.K.; Roy G.P.
2012Rainfall statistics evaluation of ECMWF model and TRMM data over Bangladesh for flood related studiesRahman M.M.; Singh Arya D.; Goel N.K.; Mitra A.K.
2017Recent catastrophic landslide lake outburst floods in the Himalayan mountain rangeRuiz-Villanueva V.; Allen S.; Arora M.; Goel N.K.; Stoffel M.
1997Regional Flood Frequency Analysis for Jhelum River BasinGoel N.K.; Lone M.A.; Mathur B.S.
2015Regional Flood Frequency Analysis using Soft Computing TechniquesKumar R.; Goel N.K.; Chatterjee C.; Nayak P.C.
2005Regional flow duration curve for a Himalayan river ChenabArora M.; Goel N.K.; Singh P.; Singh R.D.
2002Snowmelt runoff modelling in Beas river basin - A case studyThomas T.; Singh P.; Goel N.K.; Jaiswal R.K.
2012Soft computing-based workable flood forecasting model for ayeyarwady river basin of MyanmarKar A.K.; Winn L.L.; Lohani A.K.; Goel N.K.
2006Spatial distribution and seasonal variability of rainfall in a mountainous basin in the Himalayan regionArora M.; Singh P.; Goel N.K.; Singh R.D.
2008Spatial distribution of rainfall in Indian Himalayas - A case study of Uttarakhand RegionBasistha A.; Arya D.S.; Goel N.K.
2002Stochastic modelling of the sediment load of the upper Yangtze River (China) [Modélisation stochastique de la charge sédimentaire du Yangtze supérieur, en Chine]Gangyan Z.; Goel N.K.; Bhatt V.K.
2000Streamflow forecasting using Artificial Neural NetworkRoba F.G.; Arya D.S.; Goel N.K.