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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Hybrid Analog/Digital Continuous Class B/J Mode for Broadband Doherty Power AmplifiersGhosh S.; Rawat K.
2011Hydrodynamics of lube oil-water flow through 180° return bendsSharma M.; Ravi P.; Ghosh S.; Das G.; Das P.K.
2015Identification of potential plant extracts for anti-tick activity against acaricide resistant cattle ticks, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus (Acari: Ixodidae)Ghosh S.; Tiwari S.S.; Kumar B.; Srivastava S.; Sharma A.K.; Kumar S.; Bandyopadhyay A.; Julliet S.; Kumar R.; Rawat A.K.S.
2019Implementation of a Two-Input Digitally Assisted Doherty Transmitter for Enhanced PerformanceGhosh S.; Rawat K.
2020Improvement of fracture toughness of Ti+Nb stabilized microalloyed and interstitial free steels processed through single phase regime control multiaxial forgingGhosh S.;   Mula S.
2015In vitro acaricidal properties of Semecarpus anacardium fruit and Datura stramonium leaf extracts against acaricide susceptible (IVRI-I line) and resistant (IVRI-V line) Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplusGhosh S.; Tiwari S.S.; Srivastava S.; kumar S.; Sharma A.K.; Nagar G.; Kumar K.G.A.; Kumar R.; Rawat A.K.S.
2012Inception and termination of the core-annular flow pattern for oil-water downflow through a vertical pipeGhosh S.; Das G.; Das P.K.
2016Liquid buckling in a practical situationGhosh S.; Das G.; Kumar Das P.
2019Liquid-liquid mass transfer in a serpentine miniature geometry- effect on pressure dropPrakash R.; Kumar Verma R.; Ghosh S.
2018Mathematical modeling of light energy flux balance in flat panel photobioreactor for Botryococcus braunii growth, CO2 biofixation and lipid production under varying light regimesSingh Khichi S.; Anis A.; Ghosh S.
2017Mechanical properties, formability and corrosion resistance of thermomechanically controlled processed Ti-Nb stabilized IF steelGhosh S.; Singh A.K.; Mula S.; Chanda P.; Mahashabde V.V.; Roy T.K.
2012Microstructural development and room-temperature thermal stability of mechanically alloyed Al 87Y 10Ni 3 nanostructureMula S.; Ghosh S.; Pabi S.K.
2016Microwave-assisted synthesis of porous Mn 2 O 3 nanoballs as bifunctional electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction and evolution reactionGhosh S.; Kar P.; Bhandary N.; Basu S.; Sardar S.; Maiyalagan T.; Majumdar D.; Bhattacharya S.K.; Bhaumik A.; Lemmens P.; Pal S.K.
2005Mixing control as a device to increase PHB production in batch fermentations with co-cultures of Lactobacillus delbrueckii and Ralstonia eutrophaGanduri V.S.R.K.; Ghosh S.; Patnaik P.R.
2012Modelling of bioprocess for streptokinase production using mechanistic and neural network approachesKumar P.; Ghosh S.; Savoie M.J.; Callaos N.C.; Siddique M.; Sanchez B.; Zinn C.D.; Tremante A.
2018Molecular mechanism of synthetic pyrethroid and organophosphate resistance in field isolates of Rhipicephalus microplus tick collected from a northern state of IndiaNagar G.; Sharma A.K.; Kumar S.; Saravanan B.C.; Kumar R.; Gupta S.; Kumar S.; Ghosh S.
1997Multielemental analysis of ferromanganese nodules from Central Indian Ocean Basin by PIXEDutta R.K.; Sudarshan M.; Bhattacharyya S.N.; Vijayan V.; Ghosh S.; Chakravortty V.; Chintalapudi S.N.
2014Mustard oil cake as an inexpensive support for production of chitin deacetylase by Penicillium oxalicum SAEM-51 under solid-state fermentationPareek N.; Ghosh S.; Singh R.P.; Vivekanand V.
2015Nano surface engineering of Mn2O3 for potential light-harvesting applicationKar P.; Sardar S.; Ghosh S.; Parida M.R.; Liu B.; Mohammed O.F.; Lemmens P.; Pal S.K.
2014NaOH pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of saccharum spontaneum for reducing sugars productionKataria R.; Ghosh S.