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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A hybrid approach for the delineation of brain lesion from CT imagesGautam A.; Raman B.; Raghuvanshi S.
2017Antecedents of green purchase intentions: A review and testing of hypothesis on Indian consumersNath V.; Agrawal R.; Gautam A.; Sharma V.
2017Automatic classification of leukocytes using morphological features and Naïve Bayes classifierGautam A.; Singh P.; Raman B.; Bhadauria H.
2019Automatic segmentation of intracerebral hemorrhage from brain CT imagesGautam A.; Raman B.; Tanveer M.; Pachori R.B.
2019Bio-stimulation of anaerobic digestion by low intensity ultrasonicationTyagi V.K.; Tien A.L.S.; Ahmed B.; Gautam A.
2016Co-cultivation of Penicillium sp. AKB-24 and Aspergillus nidulans AKB-25 as a cost-effective method to produce cellulases for the hydrolysis of pearl millet stoverKumar A.; Gautam A.; Dutt D.
2013Consumer Adoption of Green Products: Modeling the EnablersNath V.; Kumar R.; Agrawal R.; Gautam A.; Sharma V.
2012Dielectric and magnetic properties of Bi1-xYxFeO 3 ceramicsGautam A.; Uniyal P.; Yadav K.L.; Rangra V.S.
2014Impediments to Adoption of Green Products: An ISM AnalysisNath V.; Kumar R.; Agrawal R.; Gautam A.; Sharma V.
2011Influence of Ti on multiferroic properties of Bi0.8Ba 0.2Fe1-xTixO3 ceramicsGautam A.; Rangra V.S.; Uniyal P.; Yadav K.L.
2013Isolation and biochemical characterization of crude xylanase from Coprinus cinereus AT-1 MTCC 9695 and its effectiveness in biodeinking of SOPDutt D.; Tyagi C.H.; Singh R.P.; Gautam A.; Agnohotri S.; Kumar A.
2019Local gradient of gradient pattern: a robust image descriptor for the classification of brain strokes from computed tomography imagesGautam A.; Raman B.
2014Multiferroic properties of (Bi0.9Gd0.1FeO) 1-x (BaTiO3) x ceramicsUniyal P.; Lotey G.S.; Gautam A.; Verma N.K.; Yadav K.L.
2017Production and characterization of cellulase-free xylanase by aspergillus flavus ARC-12 and its application in pre-bleaching of ethanol-soda pulp of eulaliopsis binataGautam A.; Kumar A.; Dutt D.
2016Production of crude enzyme from Aspergillus nidulans AKB-25 using black gram residue as the substrate and its industrial applicationsKumar A.; Dutt D.; Gautam A.
2018Rice straw fermentation by Schizophyllum commune ARC-11 to produce high level of xylanase for its application in pre-bleachingGautam A.; Kumar A.; Bharti A.K.; Dutt D.
2019Segmentation of ischemic stroke lesion from 3d mr images using random forestGautam A.; Raman B.
2015Socio-demographics as antecedents of green purchase intentions: A review of literature and testing of hypothesis on Indian consumersNath V.; Agrawal R.; Gautam A.; Sharma V.