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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An intelligent recommendation system using gaze and emotion detectionJaiswal S.; Virmani S.; Sethi V.; De K.; Pratim Roy, Partha
2020Caption-Based Region Extraction in ImagesAgrawal P.; Yadav R.; Yadav V.; De K.; Pratim Roy, Partha; Chaudhuri B.B.; Nakagawa M.; Khanna P.; Kumar S.
2019EAI-NET: Effective and Accurate Iris Segmentation NetworkRajpal S.; Sadhya D.; De K.; Pratim Roy, Partha; Raman, Balasubramanian; Deka B.; Bhattacharyya D.K.; Maji P.; Mitra S.; Pal S.K.; Bora P.K.
2020Efficient extraction of consistent bit locations from binarized iris featuresSadhya D.; De K.; Raman, Balasubramanian; Pratim Roy, Partha
2020Movie Recommendation System Using Sentiment Analysis from Microblogging DataKumar S.; De K.; Pratim Roy, Partha
2019Perceptual Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks for End-to-End Image ColourizationHalder S.S.; De K.; Pratim Roy, Partha; Jawahar C.V.; Mori G.; Schindler K.; Li H.