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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Nanolayered Black Arsenic-Silicon Lateral Heterojunction Photodetector for Visible to Mid-Infrared WavelengthsNidhi; Jakhar A.; Uddin W.; Kumar J.; Nautiyal, Tashi; Das S.
2020Nanorods of cerium oxide as an improved electrocatalyst for enhanced oxygen reduction in single-chambered microbial biofuel cellsDas S.; Dutta K.; Enotiadis A.; Papiya F.; Kundu, Patit Paban; Bhattacharya S.K.; Giannelis E.P.
2018Nanostructured Polyaniline: An Efficient Support Matrix for Platinum-Ruthenium Anode Catalyst in Direct Methanol Fuel CellDas S.; Dutta K.; Kundu, Patit Paban; Bhattacharya S.K.
2015Nickel nanocatalysts supported on sulfonated polyaniline: Potential toward methanol oxidation and as anode materials for DMFCsDas S.; Dutta K.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2015On crack control strategy in near-field microwave drilling of soda lime glass using precursorsLautre N.K.; Sharma, Apurbba Kumar; Das S.; Kumar, Pradeep
2016On microstructure and strength properties of microwave welded Inconel 718/ stainless steel (SS-316L)Bansal A.; Sharma, Apurbba Kumar; Das S.; Kumar, Pradeep
2007On the moduli of closed-cell aluminum foamMondal D.P.; Ramakrishnan N.; Suresh, K. S.; Das S.
2019Out-of-plane flexural behaviour of masonry wallettes strengthened using FRP composites and externally bonded grids: Comparative studyPadalu P.K.V.R.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Das S.
2019Out-of-plane flexural strengthening of URM wallettes using basalt fibre reinforced polymer compositePadalu P.K.V.R.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Das S.
2016Partial satisfaction of user requests in context aware settingsSwain S.; Niyogi, Rajdeep; Satapathy S.C.; Das S.
2014Partial sulfonation of PVdF-co-HFP: A preliminary study and characterization for application in direct methanol fuel cellDas S.; Kumar P.; Dutta K.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2015Partially Sulfonated Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Induced Enhancements of Properties and DMFC Performance of Nafion Electrolyte MembraneDas S.; Dutta K.; Hazra S.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2015Partially sulfonated polyaniline induced high ion-exchange capacity and selectivity of Nafion membrane for application in direct methanol fuel cellsDutta K.; Das S.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2015Performance assessment of partially sulfonated PVdF-co-HFP as polymer electrolyte membranes in single chambered microbial fuel cellsKumar V.; Nandy A.; Das S.; Salahuddin M.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2005Performance comparison of majority voting with ROWA replication method over PlanetLabBhadoria R.; Das S.; Misra, Manoj; Sarje A.K.
2014Performance enhancement of dye-sensitized solar cells by incorporating graphene sheets of various sizesSatapathi, Soumitra; Gill H.S.; Das S.; Li L.; Samuelson L.; Green M.J.; Kumar J.
2017Pick functions related to the triple Gamma functionDas S.; Pedersen H.L.; Swaminathan, Anbhu
2016Polyaniline nanowhiskers induced low methanol permeability and high membrane selectivity in partially sulfonated PVdF-co-HFP membranesDutta K.; Das S.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2014Polymer electrolyte membrane with high selectivity ratio for direct methanol fuel cells: A preliminary study based on blends of partially sulfonated polymers polyaniline and PVdF-co-HFPDutta K.; Das S.; Kumar P.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2015Progress in Developments of Inorganic Nanocatalysts for Application in Direct Methanol Fuel CellsDas S.; Dutta K.; Shul Y.G.; Kundu, Patit Paban