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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Hierarchical nanostructured ZnO-CuO nanocomposite and its photocatalytic activityDas S.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra
2016Higher order derivatives of R-Jacobi polynomialsDas S.; Swaminathan, Anbhu; Ibrahim S.N.I.; Lee L.S.; Rana M.S.; Lim F.P.; Mohd Jaffar M.Z.A.; Mustafa M.S.; Chen C.Y.
2016Highly methanol resistant and selective ternary blend membrane composed of sulfonated PVdF-co-HFP, sulfonated polyaniline and nafionDutta K.; Das S.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2021Indium promoted C(sp3)-P bond formation by the Domino A3-coupling method-a combined experimental and computational studyDas S.; Rawal P.; Bhattacharjee J.; Devadkar A.; Pal K.; Gupta, Puneet; Panda T.K.
2021Intercalation pseudocapacitance in Bi2Se3−MnO2 nanotube composite for high electrochemical energy storagePradhan M.; Chakraborty R.; Rudra S.; Koley S.; Maji, Pradip K.; Nayak A.K.; Das S.; Nandi U.
2014Interfacial bonding characteristics between graphene and dielectric substratesDas S.; Lahiri, Debrupa; Agarwal A.; Choi W.
2020Intermediate structure and dipole bands in the transitional Ba 134 nucleusNeelam; Kumar S.; Devi K.R.; Kumar N.; Saha S.; Biswas S.; Singh P.; Babra F.S.; Laskar M.S.R.; Palit R.; Samanta S.; Das S.; Kumar A.; Srivastava, Praveen Chandra
2018Interpreting best available technologies more flexibly: A policy perspective for municipal wastewater management in India and other developing countriesStarkl M.; Anthony J.; Aymerich E.; Brunner N.; Chubilleau C.; Das S.; Ghangrekar M.M.; Kazmi, Absar Ahmad; Philip L.; Singh A.
2016Investigation on microstructure and mechanical properties of the dissimilar weld between mild steel and stainless steel-316 formed using microwave energyBansal A.; Sharma, Apurbba Kumar; Kumar, Pradeep; Das S.
2015Isolation and characterization of the anticancer compound piceatannol from Sophora interrupta beddMathi P.; Das S.; Nikhil K.; Roy, Partha; Yerra S.; Ravada S.R.; Bokka V.R.; Botlagunta M.
2012Joining of mild steel plates using microwave energyBansal A.; Sharma, Apurbba Kumar; Kumar, Pradeep; Das S.
2011Large area graphene on polymer films for transparent and flexible field emission deviceVerma V.P.; Das S.; Lahiri, Indranil; Choi W.
2010Large-area graphene on polymer film for flexible and transparent anode in field emission deviceVerma V.P.; Das S.; Lahiri, Indranil; Choi W.
2020Large-Scale Synthesis of Nickel Sulfide for Electronic Device ApplicationsNidhi; Nautiyal, Tashi; Das S.
2014Low methanol permeable and highly selective membranes composed of pure and/or partially sulfonated PVdF-co-HFP and polyanilineDutta K.; Das S.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2012Magnetic proximity effect in YBa 2Cu 3O 7/La 2/3Ca 1/3MnO 3 and YBa 2Cu 3O 7/LaMnO 3+δ superlatticesSatapathy D.K.; Uribe-Laverde M.A.; Marozau I.; Malik, Vivek K.; Das S.; Wagner T.; Marcelot C.; Stahn J.; Brück S.; Rühm A.; MacKe S.; Tietze T.; Goering E.; Frañó A.; Kim J.-H.; Wu M.; Benckiser E.; Keimer B.; Devishvili A.; Toperverg B.P.; Merz M.; Nagel P.; Schuppler S.; Bernhard C.
2016Matchmaking of web services using finite state automataSwain S.; Niyogi, Rajdeep; Satapathy S.C.; Das S.
2013Measurements of the adhesion energy of graphene to metallic substratesDas S.; Lahiri, Debrupa; Lee D.-Y.; Agarwal A.; Choi W.
2021Mechanical-biological treatment of municipal solid waste: Case study of 100 TPD Goa plant, IndiaTyagi V.K.; Kapoor A.; Arora, Pratham; Banu J.R.; Das S.; Pipesh S.; Kazmi, Absar Ahmad
2014Membrane prepared by incorporation of crosslinked sulfonated polystyrene in the blend of PVdF-co-HFP/Nafion: A preliminary evaluation for application in DMFCKumar P.; Dutta K.; Das S.; Kundu, Patit Paban