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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Depth profile of the ferromagnetic order in a YBa2Cu 3O7/La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 superlattice on a LSAT substrate: A polarized neutron reflectometry studyUribe-Laverde M.A.; Satapathy D.K.; Marozau I.; Malik V.K.; Das S.; Sen K.; Stahn J.; Rühm A.; Kim J.-H.; Keller T.; Devishvili A.; Toperverg B.P.; Bernhard C.
2013Design and development of precipitate strengthened advanced high strength steel for automotive applicationJha G.; Das S.; Sinha S.; Lodh A.; Haldar A.
2011Development and characterisation of C-Mn-Al-Si-Nb TRIP aided steelBhattacharyya T.; Singh S.B.; Das S.; Haldar A.; Bhattacharjee D.
2019Development of 42-GHz, 200-kW gyrotron for indian tokamak system tested in the regime of short pulselengthBera A.; Singh N.K.; Kumar N.; Rathi D.; Satynaryana K.; Singh U.; Kulkarni S.V.; Mishra A.K.; Vishant; Khatun H.; Alaria M.K.; Varia A.; Parmar K.; Kadia B.; Srinivas Y.S.S.; Kevadia M.; Ranjan O.; Pareek N.; Babu R.; Das S.; Jain P.K.; Sinha A.K.; Kartikeyan M.V.; Joshi S.
2012Development of continuously cooled high strength bainitic steel through microstructural engineering at Tata SteelDas S.; Kundu S.; Haldar A.
2012Development of hot rolled steel sheet with 600MPa UTS for automotive wheel applicationJha G.; Das S.; Lodh A.; Haldar A.
2013Development of multiphase microstructure with bainite, martensite, and retained austenite in a Co-containing steel through quenching and partitioning (Q&P) treatmentSamanta S.; Das S.; Chakrabarti D.; Samajdar I.; Singh S.B.; Haldar A.
2009Development of window for first indian gyrotronDas S.; Nayek N.; Subhadra K.; Kandpal M.; Naik A.; Chatterjee S.; Majumdar A.; Kartikeyan M.V.; Sinha A.K.; Jain P.K.; Satyanarayana K.; JoshiS.N.; Das A.L.
2018Ductile ultra high strength hot stamped steel obtained by Q&P treatmentsKrugla M.; Rana R.; Das S.
2020Early strength development in concrete using preformed CSH nano crystalsDas S.; Ray S.; Sarkar S.
2012Effect of bainitic transformation on bake hardening in TRIP assisted steelDas S.; Timokhina I.; Singh S.B.; Pereloma E.; Mohanty O.N.
2011Effect of free carbon and aging condition on bake hardeningDas S.; Singh S.B.; Mohanty O.N.
2016Effect of the presence of partially sulfonated polyaniline on the proton and methanol transport behavior of partially sulfonated PVdF membraneDutta K.; Das S.; Kundu P.P.
2019Effect of Vertical seismic coefficient in Slope Stability AnalysisDas S.; Maheshwari; B. K.
2013Effects of various factors on the interfacial mass transfer phenomenon and dispersion of polyaniline in an aqueous/organic bi-/tri-phasic systemDutta K.; Kumar P.; Das S.; Kundu P.P.
2018Efficacy of basalt fibre reinforced cement mortar composite for out-of-plane strengthening of unreinforced masonryPadalu P.K.V.R.; Singh Y.; Das S.
2017Electrocatalytic potential of sulfonated polypyrrole-supported Ni-Ag towards methanol oxidation in acidic mediumDas S.; Dutta K.; Kundu P.P.
2011Engineering carbon nanomaterials for future applications: Energy and bio-sensorDas S.; Lahiri I.; Kang C.; Choi W.
2017Enhanced-Boost Quasi-Z-Source Inverters with Two-Switched Impedance NetworksJagan V.; Kotturu J.; Das S.
2015Enhancements of catalyst distribution and functioning upon utilization of conducting polymers as supporting matrices in DMFCs: A reviewDutta K.; Das S.; Rana D.; Kundu P.P.