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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Dimensionality control of electronic phase transitions in nickel-oxide superlatticesBoris A.V.; Matiks Y.; Benckiser E.; Frano A.; Popovich P.; Hinkov V.; Wochner P.; Castro-Colin M.; Detemple E.; Malik, Vivek K.K.; Bernhard C.; Prokscha T.; Suter A.; Salman Z.; Morenzoni E.; Cristiani G.; Habermeier H.-U.; Keimer B.
2009Giant superconductivity-induced modulation oftheferromagnetic magnetization in a cuprate-manganite superlatticeHoppler J.; Stahn J.; Niedermayer Ch.; Malik, Vivek K.K.; Bouyanfif H.; Drew A.J.; Rössle M.; Buzdin A.; Cristiani G.; Habermeier H.-U.; Keimer B.; Bernhard C.
2010Polarized neutron reflectometry study of the magnetization reversal process in YBa2Cu3O7/La2/3Ca 1/3MnO3 superlattices grown on SrTiO3 substratesHoppler J.; Fritzsche H.; Malik, Vivek K.K.; Stahn J.; Cristiani G.; Habermeier H.-U.; Rössle M.; Honolka J.; Enders A.; Bernhard C.
2008X-ray study of structural domains in the near-surface region of SrTiO 3 substrates with Y0.6Pr0.4Ba 2Cu3O7/La2/3Ca1/3MnO 3 superlattices grown on topHoppler J.; Stahn J.; Bouyanfif H.; Malik, Vivek K.K.; Patterson B.D.; Willmott P.R.; Cristiani G.; Habermeier H.-U.; Bernhard C.