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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Fatigue crack propagation at concrete-concrete bi-material interfacesShah S.G.; Ray, Sonalisa; Chandra Kishen J.M.
2012Fatigue crack propagation for bi-material interfacesRay, Sonalisa; Chandra Kishen J.M.
2009Fatigue crack propagation in plain concrete using incomplete self-similarityRay, Sonalisa; Chandra Kishen J.M.
2011Fatigue crack propagation model and size effect in concrete using dimensional analysisRay, Sonalisa; Chandra Kishen J.M.
2010Fatigue crack propagation model for plain concrete - An analogy with population growthRay, Sonalisa; Chandra Kishen J.M.
2017Micro-mechanical model to study the effect of mortar-aggregate interface cracks in concreteDutta, Sudakshina; Chandra Kishen J.M.
2018Progressive damage through interface microcracking in cementitious composites: A micromechanics based approachDutta, Sudakshina; Chandra Kishen J.M.
2018Role of aggregate debonding on the tensile response of concrete: A micromechanical approachDutta, Sudakshina; Chandra Kishen J.M.