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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Reconstruction of polyhedral objects by correction of images and using shape from shading approachKumar M.; Raman, Balasubramanian; Bhargava R.
2014Recovering Depth Map from Enhanced Image Gradients in Fourier DomainAnu Bala; Kumar S.; Bhargava R.
2008Selection of optimal feed flow sequence for a multiple effect evaporator systemBhargava R.; Khanam, Shabina; Mohanty, Bikash; Ray A.K.
2008Simulation of flat falling film evaporator system for concentration of black liquorBhargava R.; Khanam, Shabina; Mohanty, Bikash; Ray A.K.
2017Simulation of supercritical fluid extraction of essential oil from natural productsRai A.; Bhargava R.; Mohanty, Bikash
2014Simultaneous water and energy conservation through graphical and mathematical programming: A case study for float glass industryDakwala M.; Mohanty, Bikash; Bhargava R.
2016Supercritical extraction of sunflower oil: A central composite design for extraction variablesRai A.; Mohanty, Bikash; Bhargava R.
2014Surface Reconstruction by Evaluating Height from Gradient ValueAnu Bala; Kumar S.; Bhargava R.
2010The kinetics of catalytic oxidation of 1-butanethiol in a gas liquid systemGanguly S.K.; Das G.; Mohanty, Bikash; Bhargava R.; Dawra S.