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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Effect of organic shock loads on a two-stage activated sludge-biofilm reactorSeetha N.; Bhargava R.; Kumar P.
2014Evaluation of models for supercritical fluid extractionRai A.; Punase K.D.; Mohanty, Bikash; Bhargava R.
2015Evaluation of vermifiltration process using natural ingredients for effective wastewater treatmentKumar T.; Bhargava R.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Pruthi V.
2017Experimental Modeling and Simulation of Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Moringa oleifera Seed Oil by Carbon DioxideRai A.; Mohanty, Bikash; Bhargava R.; (Late)
2017Finite Element Simulation of Nonlinear Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in a Micropolar Fluid-Filled Enclosure with Rayleigh Number EffectsBhargava R.; Sharma S.; Bhargava, Pradeep; Bég O.A.; Kadir A.
2005Finite element solution of mixed convection micropolar fluid flow between two vertical plates with varying temperatureKumar L.; Bhargava R.; Bhargava, Pradeep; Takhar H.S.
2016Fitting of broken and intact cell model to supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) of sunflower oilRai A.; Mohanty, Bikash; Bhargava R.
2013Gaseous and bioaerosol emissions from municipal wastewater treatment plantsSeetha N.; Bhargava R.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram
2017Hybrid Numerical Solution of Mixed Convection Boundary Layer Flow of Nanofluid Along an Inclined Plate with Prescribed Surface FluxesBhargava R.; Pratibha,; Chandra H.
2008Mathematical model for a multiple effect evaporator system with condensate-, feed- And product- flash and steam splittingBhargava R.; Khanam, Shabina; Mohanty, Bikash; Ray A.K.
2007MHD heat and mass transfer of micropolar fluid flow over a stretching sheetBhargava R.; Sharma S.; Bhargava, Pradeep; Takhar H.S.
2015Modeling and response surface analysis of supercritical extraction of watermelon seed oil using carbon dioxideRai A.; Mohanty, Bikash; Bhargava R.
2013Modeling and simulation of MEE system used in the sugar industrySrivastava D.; Mohanty, Bikash; Bhargava R.
2010Nitrification kinetics of activated sludge-biofilm system: A mathematical modelThalla A.K.; Bhargava R.; Kumar P.
2018Optimization of parameters for supercritical extraction of watermelon seed oilRai A.; Mohanty, Bikash; Bhargava R.
2014Pathogen removal during wastewater treatment by vermifiltrationArora S.; Rajpal A.; Kumar T.; Bhargava R.; Kazmi, Absar Ahmad
2014Performance evaluation of vermifilter at different hydraulic loading rate using river bed materialKumar T.; Rajpal A.; Bhargava R.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.
2019Privacy Preserving Image Scaling Using 2D Bicubic Interpolation over the CloudTanwar V.K.; Rajput A.S.; Raman, Balasubramanian; Bhargava R.
2008Reconstruction of polyhedral objects by correction of images and using shape from shading approachKumar M.; Raman, Balasubramanian; Bhargava R.
2014Recovering Depth Map from Enhanced Image Gradients in Fourier DomainAnu Bala; Kumar S.; Bhargava R.