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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A multi-receptor fluorescence signaling system exhibiting enhancement selectively in presence of Na(I) and Tl(I) ionsSadhu, Kalyan Kumar; Bag B.; Bharadwaj P.K.
2009Ag(i) induced emission with azines having donor-acceptor-donor chromophoreRay D.; Iyer E.S.S.; Sadhu, Kalyan Kumar; Bharadwaj P.K.
2009Cryptand cage: Perfect skeleton for transition metal induced two-step fluorescence resonance energy transferSadhu, Kalyan Kumar; Banerjee S.; Datta A.; Bharadwaj P.K.
2011Cryptand derived fluorescence signaling systems for sensing Hg(ii) ion: A comparative studySadhu, Kalyan Kumar; Sen S.; Bharadwaj P.K.
2007Metal induced enhancement of fluorescence and modulation of two-photon absorption cross-section with a donor-acceptor-acceptor-donor receptorDas S.; Nag A.; Sadhu, Kalyan Kumar; Goswami D.; Bharadwaj P.K.
2018Regioisomeric cryptand stabilized gold supraspheres and elongated dodecahedron supraparticles for reversible host-guest chemistrySaini M.; Verma A.; Tomar K.; Bharadwaj P.K.; Sadhu, Kalyan Kumar
2010Role of spacer in single- or two-step FRET: Studies in the presence of two connected cryptands with properly chosen fluorophoresSadhu, Kalyan Kumar; Chatterjee S.; Sen S.; Bharadwaj P.K.
2007Transition-metal-induced fluorescence resonance energy transfer in a cryptand derivatized with two different fluorophoresSadhu, Kalyan Kumar; Bag B.; Bharadwaj P.K.
2008Translocation of copper within the cavity of cryptands: Reversible fluorescence signalingSadhu, Kalyan Kumar; Bharadwaj P.K.