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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Biosorptive performance of Escherichia coli supported on Waste tea biomass (WTB) for removal of Cr(VI) to avoid the contamination of ground water: A comparative study between biosorption and SBB systemGupta A.; Balomajumder C.
2016Biosurfactant as a Promoter of Methane Hydrate Formation: Thermodynamic and Kinetic StudiesArora A.; Cameotra S.S.; Kumar R.; Balomajumder C.; Singh A.K.; Santhakumari B.; Kumar P.; Laik S.
2016Capacitive Deionization for Desalination Using Nanostructured ElectrodesGaikwad M.S.; Balomajumder C.
2011Characterization of pressmud: A sugar industry wasteGupta N.; Tripathi S.; Balomajumder C.
2016Comparative evaluation of cyanide removal by adsorption, biodegradation, and simultaneous adsorption and biodegradation (SAB) process using Bacillus cereus and almond shellDwivedi N.; Balomajumder C.; Mondal P.
2016Comparative investigation on the removal of cyanide from aqueous solution using two different bioadsorbentsDwivedi N.; Balomajumder C.; Mondal P.
2016Continuous packed bed adsorption of phenol and cyanide onto modified rice husk: an experimental and modeling studySingh N.; Balomajumder C.
2003Current option for volatile organic compound abatementKapse V.; Balomajumder C.
2009Cyanide in industrial wastewaters and its removal: A review on biotreatmentDash R.R.; Gaur A.; Balomajumder C.
2013Design and optimization of simultaneous biosorption and bioaccumulation (SBB) system: A potential method for removal of Zn(II) ion from liquid phaseMishra V.; Balomajumder C.; Agarwal V.K.
2013Determination of mass transfer coefficients for a mixture of compost, sugarcane bagasse, and granulated activated carbon as packing medium in biofilterThakur P.K.; Mathur A.K.; Gautam S.B.; Balomajumder C.; Rahul
2008Disruption of LH-induced testosterone biosynthesis in testicular Leydig cells by triclosan: Probable mechanism of actionKumar V.; Balomajumder C.; Roy P.
2013Dynamic, mechanistic, and thermodynamic modeling of Zn(II) ion biosorption onto zinc sequestering bacterium VMSDCMMishra V.; Balomajumder C.; Agarwal V.K.
2015Effect of different fixed bed media on the performance of sodium dodecyl sulfate for hydrate based CO2 captureArora A.; Kumar A.; Bhattacharjee G.; Kumar P.; Balomajumder C.
2020Effective mycoremediation coupled with bioaugmentation studies: An advanced study on newly isolated Aspergillus sp. in Type-II pyrethroid-contaminated soilKaur P.; Balomajumder C.
2018Efficacy of sargassum filipendula for the removal of PB2+, Cd2+ and Ni2+ ions from aqueous solution: A comparative studyVerma A.; Kumar S.; Balomajumder C.; Kumar S.
2010Enzymatic mechanism and biochemistry for cyanide degradation: A reviewGupta N.; Balomajumder C.; Agarwal V.K.
2020Fabrication of magnetic cobalt ferrite nanocomposites: an advanced method of removal of toxic dichromate ions from electroplating wastewaterVerma B.; Balomajumder C.
2020Hexavalent chromium reduction from real electroplating wastewater by chemical precipitationVerma B.; Balomajumder C.
2008Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of flavonoid rich extract from Eugenia jambolana seeds on streptozotocin induced diabetic ratsSharma B.; Balomajumder C.; Roy P.