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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Late Cretaceous dinosaur eggs and nesting sites from the Deccan volcano-sedimentary province of peninsular IndiaSahni A.; Tandon S.K.; Jolly A.; Bajpai S.; Sood A.; Srinivasan S.
1998Late Cretaceous gekkonid eggshells from the Deccan intertrappeans of Kutch, India.Bajpai S.; Sahni A.; Schleich H.H.
2001Late Cretaceous non-marine ostracods from the Deccan intertappean beds, Kora (western Kachchh, India).Bajpai S.; Whatley R.
1992Marine middle Eocene fish otoliths from India and Java.Nolf D.; Bajpai S.
1998Middle Eocene cetaceans from the Harudi and Subathu formations of IndiaBajpai S.; Thewissen J.G.M.
2014New Applications for Constrained Ordination: Reconstructing Feeding Behaviors in Fossil Remingtonocetinae (Cetacea: Mammalia). In: Experimental Approaches to Understanding Fossil Organisms (Eds. Hembree, Daniel I., Platt, Brian F., Smith, Jon J.)Cooper L.N.; Hieronymus T.L.; Vinyard C.J.; Bajpai S.; Thewissen J.G.M.
2006New early Eocene cambaythere (Perissodactyla, Mammalia) from the Vastan Lignite Mine (Gujarat, India) and an evaluation of cambaythere relationships.Bajpai S.; Kapur V.V.; Thewissen J. G. M.; Das D. P.; Sharma R.; Tiwari B. N.
2007New early Eocene primate (Mammalia) from Vastan lignite Mine, District Surat (Gujarat), western India.Bajpai S.; Kapur V.V.; Das D. P.; Tiwari B. N.
2005New insectivorous placentals from the Eocene of Pakistan.Thewissen J.G.M.; Bajpai S.; Hussain S. T.
2002New records and new species of Ostracoda from Indian intertrappean deposits.Whatley R.; Bajpai S.; Whittaker. J. E
2013Oligocene larger foraminiferal biostratigraphy and SBZ zonation on western continental shelf, India.Shukla S.; Bajpai S.
1987On some early Middle Eocene plant fossils from southwestern Kachchh, Gujarat.Bajpai S.; Singh R.Y.
2005Palynoflora from Lakshmipur intertrappean deposits of Kutch, Gujarat: Age implications.Samant. B.; Bajpai S.
2013Palynological record from Chhasra Formation (Early Miocene), Eastern Kutch, Gujarat.Verma P.; Mandal N.; Rao M.R.; Thakkar M. G.; Bajpai S.
1990Review of Late Pleistocene ostriches (Struthio sp.) of India.Sahni A.; Kumar G.; Srinivasan S.; Bajpai S.
2005Some aspects of the palaeoecology and distribution of non-marine Ostracoda from Upper Cretaceous intertrappean deposits and the Lameta Formation of peninsular India.Whatley R.; Bajpai S.
1989Ultrastructure and taxonomy of ostrich eggshells from Upper Palaeolithic sites of India.Sahni A.; Kumar G.; Srinivasan S.; Bajpai S.
2002Upper Cretaceous nonmarine Ostracoda from intertrappean horizons in Gulbarga District, Karnataka State, South India.Whatley R.C.; Bajpai S.; Srinivasan.
2006Vertebrate fauna from Deccan Intertrappean beds near Bhanpura, District Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh.Kapur V.V.; Bajpai S.; Sarvanan. N.; Das D.P.