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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018CitE enzymes are essential for Mycobacterium tuberculosis to establish infection in macrophages and guinea pigsArora G.; Chaudhary D.; Kidwai S.; Sharma D.; Singh R.
1999Detecting accidental contaminations in municipal water networksKumar A.; Kansal M.L.; Arora G.
2002Discussion of “optimal operation of water distribution pumps considering water quality†Kansal M.L.; Arora G.
2002Discussion of “reliability as a tool for hydraulic network planning,†Kansal M.L.; Arora G.
2001Explore-hybrid expert system for water networks managementKansal M.L.; Arora G.; Leon C.; Martin S.; Elena J.M.; Luque J.
1999Identification of monitoring stations in water distribution systemMinocha V.K.; Prasad B.M.; Kumar A.; Kansal M.L.; Arora G.
1999Inverse modeling of chlorine concentration in pipe networks under dynamic conditionKumar A.; Kansal M.L.; Arora G.; Islam M.R.; Chaudhry M.H.; Clark R.M.
2005Optimal location of chlorine booster stations in an urban water distribution networkKansal M.L.; Arora G.; Verma S.
2004Reliability analysis of booster chlorination in urban water distribution networksKansal M.L.; Arora G.
2004Water quality reliability analysis in an urban distribution networkKansal M.L.; Arora G.; Verma S.