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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Enhancing pavement management systems using GISParida M.; Aggarwal S.; Jain S.S.
2019Factors Associated with Readmission of Pediatric Patients in a Developing NationKumar D.; Swarnim S.; Sikka G.; Aggarwal S.; Singh A.; Jaiswal P.; Saini N.
2005HDM-4 pavement deterioration models for Indian national highway networkJain S.S.; Aggarwal S.; Parida M.
2015Isolation and characterization of a protease-producing novel haloalkaliphilic bacterium Halobiforma sp. strain BNMIITR from Sambhar lake in Rajasthan, IndiaGupta M.; Aggarwal S.; Navani N.K.; Choudhury B.
2011Suitability of crude glycerol obtained from biodiesel waste for the production of trehalose and propionic acidRuhal R.; Aggarwal S.; Choudhury B.