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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Banana fiber reinforced low-density polyethylene composites: effect of chemical treatment and compatibilizer additionPrasad N.; Agarwal V.K.; Sinha S.
2014Biological removal of heavy metal zinc from industrial effluent by Zinc sequestering bacterium VMSDCMMishra V.; Balomajumder C.; Agarwal V.K.
2016Biomass gasification in a fluidized bed reactor: Hydrodynamics and heat transfer studiesKumar U.; Agarwal V.K.
2010Biosorption of Zn (II) onto the surface of non-living biomasses: A comparative study of adsorbent particle size and removal capacity of three different biomassesMishra V.; Balomajumder C.; Agarwal V.K.
2001Boiling heat transfer from a PTFE coated heating tube to alcoholsVijaya Vittala C.B.; Gupta S.C.; Agarwal V.K.
2019CFD modeling for nucleate pool boiling of nanofluidsGupta R.R.; Bhambi S.; Agarwal V.K.
2007CFD modeling of three-phase bubble column: 1. study of flow patternAnil M.; Agarwal V.K.; Alam M.S.; Wasewar K.L.
2008CFD modeling of three-phase bubble column: 2. Effect of design parametersWasewar K.L.; Anil M.; Agarwal V.K.
2013Design and optimization of simultaneous biosorption and bioaccumulation (SBB) system: A potential method for removal of Zn(II) ion from liquid phaseMishra V.; Balomajumder C.; Agarwal V.K.
2010Dimensionless local and average boiling heat transfer correlation for saturated liquidsDas M.K.; Gupta S.C.; Agarwal V.K.
2013Dynamic, mechanistic, and thermodynamic modeling of Zn(II) ion biosorption onto zinc sequestering bacterium VMSDCMMishra V.; Balomajumder C.; Agarwal V.K.
2020Effect of process parameters on circulating fluidized bed coal gasification using 3D full-loop CFD simulationSharma V.; Agarwal V.K.
1995Energy conservation in black-liquor evaporator of pulp & paper industryAgarwal V.K.; Gupta S.C.
2007Enhanced boiling of methanol on copper coated surfacePrasad L.; Siraj Alam M.; Gupta S.C.; Agarwal V.K.
2008Enhanced boiling of saturated water on copper coated heating tubesAlam M.S.; Prasad L.; Gupta S.C.; Agarwal V.K.
2010Enzymatic mechanism and biochemistry for cyanide degradation: A reviewGupta N.; Balomajumder C.; Agarwal V.K.
2009Esterification of lactic acid with ethanol in a pervaporation reactor: modeling and performance studyWasewar K.; Patidar S.; Agarwal V.K.
2020Experimental evaluation of ball bearing performance using nanoflake-blended greasesBhardwaj V.; Pandey R.K.; Agarwal V.K.
2020Experimental study and Shannon entropy analysis of pressure fluctuations and flow mode transition in fluidized dense phase pneumatic conveying of fly ashAlkassar Y.; Agarwal V.K.; Pandey R.K.; Behera N.
2018Hybridization effect of coir fiber on physico-mechanical properties of polyethylene-banana/coir fiber hybrid compositesPrasad N.; Agarwal V.K.; Sinha S.