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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Image watermarking in real oriented wavelet transform domainAgarwal H.; Atrey P.K.; Raman, Balasubramanian
2017Impact of back plane doping on RF performance of FD-SOI transistorDabhi C.K.; Kushwaha P.; Dasgupta, Avirup; Agarwal H.; Chauhan Y.S.
2020Information Technology Usage and Cognitive Engagement: Understanding Effects on Users’ Cognitive ProcessesAgarwal H.; Dixit, Gaurav; Sharma S.K.; Dwivedi Y.K.; Metri B.; Rana N.P.
2017Modeling of flicker noise in quasi-ballistic devicesDasgupta, Avirup; Agarwal H.; Agarwal A.; Chauhan Y.S.
2018Modeling of Induced Gate Thermal Noise Including Back-Bias Effect in FDSOI MOSFETDabhi C.K.; Dasgupta, Avirup; Kushwaha P.; Agarwal H.; Hu C.; Chauhan Y.S.
2019Modeling the Quantum Gate capacitance of Nano-Sheet Gate-All-Around MOSFETKushwaha P.; Agarwal H.; Mishra V.; Dasgupta, Avirup; Lin Y.-K.; Kao M.-Y.; Chauhan Y.S.; Salahuddin S.; Hu C.
2019Optimization of NCFET by Matching Dielectric and Ferroelectric Nonuniformly Along the ChannelKao M.-Y.; Lin Y.-K.; Agarwal H.; Liao Y.-H.; Kushwaha P.; Dasgupta, Avirup; Salahuddin S.; Hu C.
2019Proposal for capacitance matching in negative capacitance field-effect transistorsAgarwal H.; Kushwaha P.; Lin Y.-K.; Kao M.-Y.; Liao Y.-H.; Dasgupta, Avirup; Salahuddin S.; Hu C.
2019Spacer Engineering in Negative Capacitance FinFETsLin Y.-K.; Agarwal H.; Kao M.-Y.; Zhou J.; Liao Y.-H.; Dasgupta, Avirup; Kushwaha P.; Salahuddin S.; Hu C.
2015Study of finite word-length effect on the performance of watermarking methodsAgarwal H.; Raman, Balasubramanian
2021Variations in the SDN Loop of Class A Beta-Lactamases: A Study of the Molecular Mechanism of BlaC (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) to Alter the Stability and Catalytic Activity Towards Antibiotic Resistance of MBIsBhattacharya S.; Junghare V.; Pandey N.K.; Baidya S.; Agarwal H.; Das N.; Banerjee A.; Ghosh D.; Roy, Partha; Patra H.K.; Hazra, Saugata
2016Visible watermarking based on importance and just noticeable distortion of image regionsAgarwal H.; Sen D.; Raman, Balasubramanian; Kankanhalli M.
2013Watermarking schemes to secure the face database and test images in a biometric systemAgarwal H.; Raman, Balasubramanian; Atrey P.K.