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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A model for multi-processor task scheduling problem using quantum genetic algorithmBangroo R.; Kumar, Neetesh Sharath; Sharma R.; Abraham A.; Gandhi N.; Muhuri P.K.; Muda A.K.
2014A novel agglomerative hierarchical approach for clustering in medical databasesThakran Y.; Toshniwal, Durga; Abraham A.; Pal S.K.; Rodriguez J.M.C.; Thampi S.M.
2013Applications of Nature Inspired Algorithms for Electrical Engineering Optimization ProblemsThangaraj R.; Chelliah, Thanga Raj; Pant M.; Abraham A.; Bouvry P.; Zelinka I.; Snasel V.; Abraham A.
2020Detecting Helmet of Bike Riders in Outdoor Video Sequences for Road Traffic Accidental AvoidanceKumar N.; Sukavanam, Nagarajan; Cherukuri A.K.; Melin P.; Abraham A.; Gandhi N.
2010Differential evolution using a localized Cauchy mutation operatorThangraj R.; Pant M.; Abraham A.; Deep, K.; Snasel V.
2013Distributed port-scan attack in cloud environmentDeshpande P.; Aggarwal A.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Kumar P.S.; Abraham A.
2015Efficient multimedia data storage in cloud environmentDeshpande P.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Peddoju, Sateesh Kumar; Abraham A.
2021Entity-Centric Combined Trust (ECT) algorithm to detect packet dropping attack in vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs)Tripathi K.N.; Jain G.; Yadav, Ashish MohanM.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Deshpande P.; Abraham A.; Iyer B.Ma K.
2012Opposition based chaotic differential evolution algorithm for solving global optimization problemsThangaraj R.; Pant M.; Chelliah, Thanga Raj; Abraham A.
2010Optimal design of induction motor for a spinning machine using population based metaheuristicsThangaraj R.; Chelliah, Thanga Raj; Bouvry P.; Pant M.; Abraham A.
2011Optimal gain tuning of PI speed controller in induction motor drives using particle swarm optimizationThangaraj R.; Chelliah, Thanga Raj; Pant M.; Abraham A.; Grosan C.
2009Particle Swarm Optimization using Sobol mutationPant M.; Thangaraj R.; Abraham A.; Deep, K.
2018Security and service assurance issues in Cloud environmentDeshpande P.; Sharma, Subhash Chander; Peddoju, Sateesh Kumar; Abraham A.
2019The cryptographic properties of feistel network-based quasigroupsKumar T.; Gangopadhyay, Sugata; Dutta P.; Bhattacharya A.; Dutta S.; Mandal J.K.; Abraham A.