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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Effect of individual dopants in nano-SOI-MOSFETs and nano-pn-diodesTabe M.; Moraru D.; Samanta A.; Tyszka K.; Tan H.N.; Takasu Y.; Jablonski R.; Anh L.T.; Mizuta H.; Mizuno T.; Murota J.; Claeys C.; Deleonibus S.; Tao M.; Iwai H.
2015Impact of diffused donor-clusters near lead/channel boundary on high-temperature single-electron tunneling in narrow SOI-FETsMoraru D.; Samanta A.; Takasu Y.; Tyszka K.; Mizuno T.; Jablonski R.; Tabe M.
2015Physics of strongly-coupled dopant-atoms in nanodevicesMoraru D.; Tyszka K.; Takasu Y.; Samanta A.; Mizuno T.; Jablonski R.; Tabe M.
2017Toward room temperature operation of dopant atom transistorsTabe M.; Samanta A.; Moraru D.; Jablonski R.; Szewczyk R.
2015Tunneling in Systems of Coupled Dopant-Atoms in Silicon Nano-devicesMoraru D.; Samanta A.; Tyszka K.; Anh L.T.; Muruganathan M.; Mizuno T.; Jablonski R.; Mizuta H.; Tabe M.